I have 2 friends from Lyon and they sent me their recommendations.

[ ] Confluence Quarter (“Heat” foodcourt)
[✔] Pentes de la Croix Rousse
[ ] park with its zoo
[✔] city center
[✔] walk next to the Rhône it’s beautiful for the sunset
[✔] The historic city is also very beautiful 😍you should just walk and lost yourself on streets. If you don’t want to go to the art museum you should enter on the
[ ] courtyard or drink something at the coffee 👌🏻

Friday, 13th. It’s a good thing I got shit on by a bird 2 days ago, I’m gonna have good luck for life! Its 3:02am, Marseille and for a second there I had wifi. Already gone but it lasted long enough to answer messages. Do you also have this one friend that you text with on every social media platform out there but every app is being used for a different topic? That’s what happens with Xuliette on Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp. Wouldn’t be surprised if at one point I’ll get an email. A carrier pigeon would be cool. Poor thing would have quite a long trip to go. I’m exited for Lyon, everyone I know from there (2 people- both not in the city atm, both supporting PSG!) told me it’s much nicer than Marseille and I didn’t hate it here! Okay 3am rant over, see you on the flip flop aka me waiting for it to turn 8 so I can eat (in what context does one use “flip flop” correctly?).

Salut Salut. On the train to Lyon. I ate for about 17 people and a fat guy and all that before 12. Don’t quite know what’s happening these days. It’s expensive to be this hungry.
Almost in Lyon. I ate (a lot) and slept (a lot).

The guy next to me who looks like he comes straight out of a mid life crisis (I’m talking matching jogging bottoms and jacket, sunglasses, cap) just rolled the biggest joint the world may have ever seen.

I walked to the hostel and first impression is really good. Everything is clean and the ground floor is like a restaurant/ cafe with a great interior. The rooms are clean, sharing with boys again because it was the only affordable hostel available.
I met 3 of them. 2 from the US. One looks exactly like the stereotypical high school boy. With the colourful shorts and shoes and polo shirt. He studies finance.

Because I couldn’t check in yet, I went on a little walk around, didn’t find anything interesting or pretty tho so I walked back an hour later, checked in CHANGED CLOTHES cause I was sweating like crazy. Not complaining tho, means I get one last day of summer tomorrow!!

Then I walked to Lidl where students were queuing to buy knives and chopping boards and drills. I asked my friend who’s from here and he told me the new semester started this week and all new students moved here. I got tomatoes, an apple, apple sauce, gum and an XXL box of plums. Gon’ be pooping the whole day tomorrow. Love me some TMI.

7:15pm, students are screaming in the background. The sun is setting on the other side of the Rhône and I’m sitting by the water with my 1.25 kilos of plums and a jar of apple sauce aka dinner.

The guys on my left are smoking a joint, the guys on my right have e cigarettes with a very sweet smell. Interesting combination.

I will walk back up to watch the sun set and then I’ll go to bed. I am tired!

Oh reason I’m having this rather random dinner is that the kitchen in the hostel is not working atm (that’s one of the reason I chose the stupid hostel so I’m slightly annoyed). Tomorrow’s breakfast is gonna be a yogurt and you guessed it, plums, in the park.

On my way back to the hostel I stumbled across a bike thing where they drive down ramps and do tricks (If you can’t tell, I know everything about sports) and there was a DJ. They do work a lot with marijuana in France.

I stayed in bed for quite some time which I know because the first picture I took was at 9 of a boat. I got a yogurt (2 flipping € but I didn’t wanna buy 4), sat on a bench by the water and ate (you guessed it) plums, yogurt and oats.

Afterwards I started crossing off points on my todo list. First thing: 📌 La croix rousse. It turned out to be an urban neighbourhood with many steep hills and stairs and individual shops.

On my way along the water I stumbled across a farmers market that had local vegetables and pretty sunflowers (ma fave).

That quartier is the place to be if you’re vegan, fancy a special coffee or wanna have an amazing view over the city. When I got there I heard music playing and if I’ve learned one thing then it’s to always follow people cheering, music and the smell of food. So I went and saw a small orchestra playing and elderly people in costumes. They were handing out grape juice and I think I may have eaten part of a chicken, thinking it was a cookie. It said République de Canuts on there clothes and if I had wifi I would look up what that is. But I guess we’ll never know.

Next point on the list was 📌 Vieux Lyon aka the old town. I mean it was pretty and had cobblestone streets and houses in all the colors with many restaurants but I was hungry and everything on the menus was super expensive. After a while I found a fast food pasta place which sounded right up my street. I got amori with arabbiata sauce, walked down to the river, sat by the water and have never been happier. I think I sat there for a good 2 hours. 📌 Mezzo di Pasta.

After successfully stopping my hanger I decided to go to the hostel to chill for a bit. That obviously did not happen and I only got there in the evening. Here’s why:
I came across an I international culture/ food festival AND IT WAS FREE! I walked out with 341 new places I now wanna travel to, even more recipes I wanna try, cultures I want to experience and couldn’t tries I wanna explore!!! The people were so nice and it was kinda cool to speak spanish at the Peru stall. Many countries had tents and they showed typical things from there. Some were dancing, others made music and others handed out typical food! I took some notes (asked them to write down the name of the food on my phone).

Peru: Papá a la huancaina
Ecuador: Cacao
Pakistan: Samosa (spicy curry in puff pastry Ethiopia: Dabo (bread)
Couscous (sweet with raisins!!)
Uruguay: Dulce de leche

I went to El Salvador with a Cacao from Ecuador in my right hand and then washed down a piece of bread with Dulce de leche from Uruguay with it.

I also really wanna go to Estonia now. I saw pictures at the stall and it looked so cool (as in cold and nice).

Lastly, right before thinking I was going to pass out because I didn’t have any water left and it was HOT, I watched a performance from Algeria.

Then I decided to go to the hostel l, to fill up my bottle. When I looked up the way on google maps I saw that the shopping street was 2 minutes away. So I bought an unnecessary plastic bottle, drank the whole thing within seconds and went to Brandy Melville.

I was back at the hostel at 6 and ate the remaining plums. 1.25 kilos of plums in 2 days has got to be a new record. At what point did it become unhealthy?

I was unaestatically lying on my bed when I heard someone struggling to open the door. So I got up, opened it, and infront of me stood 5 scotish boys (with biceps). They’re on a road trip, all of them are called John, they had a strong accent, couldn’t open a bottle of beer with another bottle, had a great taste in music and were nice.

Then I went to Carrefour, bought a baguette and an apple for tomorrow’s breakfast, went back to bed and watched youtube. When the guys left to partaaay I took a shower and slept.

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