washing down chocolate with horchata

08/ 12 – 13/ 2019

Now the pictures that exist for the 12th suck and I don’t quite remember what I did. Because it was a Monday I know I went to school. So after coffee on the balcony, school, break and more school I walked around El Carmen and took pictures of some cool art I found.

Afterwards I went back to the school to do homework and I started planning my interrail route! Can you believe I’m actually doing it exactly that way?? I must have switched it around a billion times!

The school offers a city tour every monday for the new students and because I was at the school anyway, I went with them. It was pretty cool and I went with the spanish group this time!!

The bicycle was in town at a Mexican place so after the tour I met up with them. We decided to go to 📌 Horchatería Santa Catalina to try the Horchata and Churros con chocolate. Loved the churros! And here’s a disgusting thing to do: mix orxata with the chocolate. Or even worse: drink the churro chocolate and wash it down with Horchata.

Tuesday. 13th of August. Breakfast, school, taking a bus to 📌 El Saler, a pretty beach. On the bus we met another guy from school also on his way to the beach, he would turn out to be our personal photographer for the day. I did take some pretty cool pictures of him too tho!!!!!

So were on the bus, exited to jump into the sea. It. Was. Hot. that day peeps. Suddenly Adrian, dutch, nice, personal photographer turns to us and goes: “Do we have to get off?” I didn’t even think twice, so we jumped up, got off, and stood in the middle of nowhere. There were rice fields (hello Bali), there was a whole lot of highway, a whole lot of nothing and now, there were 3 spanish students as well. I’m gonna draw the picture cause it’s ridiculous.

It was as if we were walking on the suicide lane around the world. Adrian tried to stop a car, cause it was a 45 minute walk in the slightly warmer heat of a spanish afternoon. Hitchhiking didn’t work, so we walked.

After an hour we finally made it to the beach. First thing I did: run into the water. Don’t think I’ve ever ran that quickly. Ever. Not even when I ran for my life (literally) because I fell off my penny board and would have broken several bones if I would have fallen (jesus christ is that even english?)

At the beach we met some other people from school. Many italians. One Chinese. We like her a lot 👌.

During golden hour (that’s how long we stayed!!!) the photoshoots began and now I have an all time favourite screen saver. Guess which one.

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