09/ 10- 13/ 2019

100% chance of rain today. It’s 7:54 I’m sitting next to a class of students in my hostel in Barcelona and im waiting for it to turn 8, which is the time I decided I will go to the station.

Yesterday night was a mess. A MESS. People came in and out, making noise, talking, walking around. Then there were the mentioned german students that stayed in a room next to mine. This morning when I got up, I turned on the bathroom light to be able to see something. The guy in the bottom bunk was talking in his sleep (v scary). Suddenly that guy jumped up, hella confused babbling about who is so stupid to turn on the light until he stood in front of my even more confused self. All I said was what the fuck, he went back to bed and I kept packing. I couldn’t find my beloved sweater. Turns out the guy was holding it using it as a blanket. Fucking disgusting. My favourite sweater!!!

Just prepared breakfast and lunch had a coffee and now we’re up to “date” with me waiting next to the class (they got a buffet btw!).

8 am on the dot. Vamos.

So I walked down to the station and it actually took 39 minutes like google said. Note to self: when you walk the streets google is telling you to walk, it will take the amount of time google said. I went through the fancy airporty security and got on the train. Across from me sat a woman, in her 60s, anti Brexit, and a german teacher. We started talking and she told me about the history of her town and the Jurassic coast, she told me about the road trip she went on in the 80s with her husband across the US. Then about politics and about Mary Anning and a trip to east germany and her class mate who accidentally brought a west german newspaper to the security at the border and wasn’t to be seen afterwards. Safe to say I learned a lot.

Then I ate my blueberry yogurt with oats and apple (wannabe apple blueberry oats! – OGs know). I was gonna sleep, couldn’t and went on my phone. Then I was in πŸ“Œ Nimes. Waited. Took a train and was in πŸ“Œ Avignon.

I was hungry again even tho I just ate so I walked into town to a cafe called πŸ“Œ The Milk Shop and got a breakfast sandwich (4€). Then I walked back to the station which was when I met a girl, also from Germany, also doing interrail. She was on her way to Nice, but spontaneously decided to come to Marseille with me to go on a hike tomorrow.

In πŸ“Œ Marseille it’s kinda dirty and the houses are run down. But by now we know me and cities on the first day and on top of that it was rainy and grey. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 27 degrees. Yes, summer!!!!

After checking in (πŸ“Œ Hotel sylvabelle) (there are signs not to smoke inside everywhere but that’s exactly what the guy working here did) we were hungry so we went to πŸ“Œ McDonald’s. I spent 6€ on a not filled veggie wrap (thought McDonald’s was supposed to be cheap?!?!). Afterwards we went to a poorly stocked πŸ“Œ Lidl which didn’t sell oats. I did buy fruits and Corncrackers and bread rolls!

I wanted oats. So I went to πŸ“Œ Bio c’ bon and had THE best time! 500g of oats from the shop was like 4€, from the bulge thingy 1,20€. Loving this. And plastic free!

I just ate a nectarine and a plum and now I’m gonna watch youtube. Night.

Hola hola day 2. Turns out that when you have low expectations it can only get better. I’m positively surprised by the hostel. On google people said that there was only cold water. Wrong. Some girl said there were rats in the room. Wrong. And what made my impression better: you’re allowed to use the kitchen (a microwave and fridge) but that just upgraded my breakfast to porridge in the morning and a melted cheese sandwich (wanna be pizza margherita) in the evening!! The only thing that was true is that they do smoke inside- like leaning out the window and the receptionists are incredibly rude and do not care like what so ever. But I’m not trying to be friends with them I’m trying to sleep (there are no springs poking into my ribs!), eat and take a hot shower, all of which I can do. One thing that is a big problem tho is that the wifi is either incredibly bad or doesn’t work at all. All in all a 3.5/5.

So I woke up at 5:30, like I do and went on the hunt for wifi. Didn’t work. So I used my poor data, downloaded an episode of a podcast and went back to bed. My friend’s alarm went off at 8 and we got ready.

All she ate all day was a dry baguette and fruits! Like I made a coffee and chcolate porridge in the morning, she was nibbling on her loaf of bread. When we arrived in Cassis I ate my bread roll, she was breaking off pieces of her baguette. In the evening we went to the shops and she bought a baguette for the next day and cherry tomatoes. So while I ate a warm (hot!) melted cheese sandwich she ate the rest of the (now dry) baguette putting tomatoes on it. Poor thing.

Yes so. We went to the πŸ“Œ train station (Gare de Saint Charles) again and bought a ticket to Cassis. 9,40€ each. Then we walked over to platform B. A train came we went on the train and suddenly, after an announcement in French, everyone got up and left the train again. I heard a woman with a dog say voie C. So that’s where we went. 10 minutes later another train arrived. What happened to the first one- we’ll never know.

Another 26 minutes and we arrived in a very pretty and summery place called πŸ“Œ Cassis. I was wearing long pants, but obviously brought shorts. We wanted to go the πŸ“Œ les calanques which was an hour hike/ walk from the station. I was sweating. Halfway I found a disgusting public toilet where I could change.
I think it took us quite a bit longer to get there cause we stopped everywhere, took pictures or basically just stood there speechless for a while.

We walked passed vineyards and through the old town, along the harbour, through streets and up and down hills until we found a perfect spot on the rocks by the water. First thing I did was change into my bikini. And then off into the cold but crystal clear water I climbed/ slipped/ jumped. You could actually see all the way to the ground!!! Surrounded by trees and cliffs and rocks and the giant ocean.

Afterwards I was lying in the sun, watching people read books, jumping off cliffs, smoking weed (lol). At 3 we left cause our train home was at 4:30 and it was obviously going to take us over an hour to go back. The hills felt even steeper now and my legs didn’t really wanna go up there anymore! But, again, I ain’t taking busses so up to the station we walked.

On the train home, I checked what city I can go to on Friday. My original idea was to go to Lyon but I wanted to see where else I could go to and still be in Paris on the 15th. Then I saw that it was gonna be 30 degrees in Lyon which was the same second I booked a hostel. Gonna ask my friend where to go cause I only have one and a half days.
Back in πŸ“Œ Marseille we went to the πŸ“Œ supermarket (intermarchΓ©) and I got tomatoes, an apple, nectarines and cheese. What a combination.

We ate, I watched youtube with some other wifi cause the hostel one still didn’t work, took a shower, washed my clothes and slept.

Pictures are not in order but the wifi is so bad here, it’s a surprise I could even upload them.

Aaaand here goes day 3. Good morning. It’s 7:16 now and I have to wait another 44 minutes until I can get breakfast! I’m really hungry and bored out of my mind.

8am. Breakfast aka oats and an apple. The I sat on the table a bit longer cause there was wifi and it was early and the muscles in my ass were (still are) sore.
Shortly afterwards I had a second breakfast which consisted of corncrackers and cheese (so much cheese).

At 9:30 I went out to πŸ“Œ Rue St Ferreol where all the shops are. I had it all planned out on my phone. The whole route for the entire day. Obviously didn’t happen like that. Instead I walked around the Vieux Port (not on the list) and then the shopping street. To my surprise I didn’t see anything I liked.
Shops I found: Mad vintage, pull& bear, original. At the original something store (close to Galerie Lafayette) I bought soap cause it’s like a typical thing from here.
Next I went to πŸ“Œ Notre Dame de la Garde. On my way there I went on Yelp and looked up “best croissant marseille”. The internet didn’t disappoint and the best rated one was really close to where I was πŸ“Œ Sylvain Depuichaffray. So I went in and went: “Je voudrais un pain au chocolat.” And that’s exactly what I got.

I don’t know what I thought would happen, cause that thing literally lies on top of a hill but I didn’t expect that many steep streets and steps. Well I made it to the top. Wasn’t overwhelmed but I think that’s because I was tired and there were only german people. I sat there for a while, walked around, ate my (deliciously buttery) pain au chocolat and took 1 or 6 pictures before leaving to go to a supermarket to get lunch.

πŸ“Œ Monprix for sure ain’t mon prix. But didn’t buy anything wrapped in plastic (cost me 6€ tho!).

I got a baguette (today is so french), tomatoes, cucumber and peaches, went back to the hostel and ate everything. I’m talking an entire baguette!

Could barely move after so I stayed put, sitting in the hostel watching youtube for hours. After a while I started to not only feel sick but also bad for having places on my to do list I hadn’t seen.

So out the door I went (with barely any battery left). Plan was to go to πŸ“Œ Le Panier (oldest quarter) and some random name I wrote down πŸ“Œ Place de Lenche. Turned out to be a square with restaurants. When I got to the harbour it looked nice so I sat down on the ground and drew the landscape. Even got some compliments from old french people who were 70% blind probably.
When I was done and couldn’t feel my legs I actually went to the quarter and I did spend 3,50€ on icecream. Can’t even remember the (one) flavor I got. Wasn’t the best thing in the world but the shop was called something roi and when the king says it’s time for icecream, it’s time for icecream (that’s legit what I thought!!). Did not make me feel any better. πŸ“Œ Le Glacier du Roi (go to the website. It plays music. )

Then I went back to the hostel, packed and now its 7:30 and I’m sitting right back at the table where I spent most of my time today.

And that was Marseille. Off to Lyon tomorrow.

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