el salto y el saler

08/10 – 11/2019

Welcome, we made it to the weekend. Get yourself a juice box and a snack, this is a good one! This is the day I went to πŸ“Œ El salto de la novia. A waterfall.

We met at school at 10 and because it was a saturday morning there were quite a few hangovers going on.

An hour later we arrived in πŸ“Œ Navajas in CastellΓ³n.

We hiked past a small waterfall and ended up at an observation deck overlooking cliffs. Then we went back down to a valley with a big ass waterfall and rocks and water. First thing we did was take off our clothes and run (not really, it was really slippery) to the waterfall. Pretty sure I was screaming the entire time.

They made me go down a rock/ water slide which turned out to be fun. While every hungover/ “just tired” person was lying in the shade (a thing I can’t do without getting bored within 2 minutes) I ate something and then went on a hike with the group leader and a few others.

That’s also where we met some goats that stole the food of visitors on the “wrong” side of the water (not us). We hike/ climbed through bushes and over rocks and along water and through woods. That’s where I met a guy from the Netherlands who has travelled a lot and would become the tricycle’s personal photographer and another one from Switzerland who studies music in England and likes the Foo Fighters.

When we came back down, the guide told me theres another hike, longer, to the top of the hill! I was in and made other people come along. There was more rock climbing involved and I spent a lot of the time with my hands touching the floor. On my way down I spent a lot of the time crawling like a crap/ holding hands with people helping me not to fall.

Just look at the pictures. There’s not much more to say.

When we were back in Valencia we went to get tapas and beer. Not the biggest fan of tapas because I played 7€ for a beer and 2 pieces of patatas bravas. πŸ“Œ Infanta

On Sunday I walked to the big shopping street with Brandy Melville, Pull and Bear… (shops open at 12 not 11!) I didn’t buy anything but it was still cool to try on things.

Later I went to another beach that was recommended to me. πŸ“Œ El Saler. It was a 30 minute bus ride (Bus 25) from the city but worth it. The water was more blue and the beach was clean(er).

I met many people from school there and it was loads of fun.

Because I only took these few pictures I dont quite remember what else I did that day but I’m pretty sure I ate on the balcony and went to bed early.

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