09/ 07 -10/ 2019

I’m always surprised by how loud people can snore. I’m not even in the mixed dorm in Barcelona yet and my roommate in Bilbao just woke me up by snoring like an old man. It’s 2:30. Gonna write a blog post.

It’s 3:50, 2 posts later I’m really hungry and she’s still snoring. How is that possible? My alarm goes in 90 minutes as well ugh.

I’m on the train and was wondering why I couldn’t understand anything. Turns out it was vasco.

*Wakes up at 2 am in a comfortable bed, in the dark *
*sleeps for 4 hours on a moving train while listening to music with people roaming around*

I arrived at Barcelona Sants and had to walk 39 minutes to my hostel. You should know me by now and I’m not one to take buses. So, I walked. All I had were some oats and I was freaking hungry. I was instantly not impressed by the hostel. The concept is cool. Very sporty (no shit) what did I expect 📌 bcnsporthostel, but also kinda dirty and the people are a lil strange. But then again, me on the first day in a new city is never good.

After checking in I went to 📌 Lidl (ofc) and got lunch which I ate on some bench while listening to a podcast which is what I had been doing the entire day.
Got 2 bread rolls, plums and cheese. 2,50€.

Eventhough I was full I wanted icecream. So that’s what I got. I forgot the second flavor cause it was spanish and nothing I’ve ever heard of. Was delish tho! 10/10 recommend. 📌 Dino

Afterwards I walked around 📌 Gracia and then down to 📌 La Rambla to see what urban outfitters had in store.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Not sure what to do.

When I tried to cook pasta in the evening I had to wait for a guy to cook (at least) 8 pieces of meat first and when the 2 hot plates were finally free they didn’t work.
(I made it, my life is so hard.)

Every possible spring from the mattress is pressing against my bones. It’s 9:51. I’m in bed. There is a drop of blood (or a blood coloured drop) on my bed sheet. The floor is wet and so are my socks. I share the dorm with 7 other people. 2 girls. The blanket is a sheet. I smell men’s shower gel. Not complaining. Smells good.
The people outside my room are so loud. These are gonna be some interesting nights.

Someone just came in. A guy. I saw him in the kitchen earlier. Many muscles. 30-ish. Men are disgusting. Another one just walked in. He’s gonna sleep right across from me. Spanish (speaker).
“Hola ¿qué tal?” He’s peeing with the door open!!! What the flipping fuck is happening?????? Help. I hate to repeat myself but. Men are disgusting. He’s in bed now. Oh no I can see him lying there in the mirror which means he can see me. He’s calling someone. Fun. Enough for the day. I’m gonna “sleep”. He’s talking. But not on the phone I think. I’m confused.

Me ranting about sharing a room with boys.

Day 2. I slept surprisingly good. I mean someone come back from partying at 5 which woke me up and I had to pee. But then I slept until 8. Got up immediately and decided to walk to the beach. Best. decision. ever. I brought some food. Grabbed a coffee at a cafe and bought a yoghurt and diyed a delicious breakfast be the beach.

I found some really cool houses, spots, places and streets on my 45 minute walk.

Afterwards I sat on the beach (I got a sunburn on my head). I wore.long pants cause I thought the weather was going to be miserable but it only started raining the second I got to the street of the hostel. So I was walking around in long pants, my sports bra and my shirt hanging out my back pocket #fashioninspo.

My new hobby (thing I started doing) is taking my notebook and drawing the stuff I see. That way I’m not on my phone and I somehow stop thinking about things. I have this illness I like to call overthinking. every. single. thing.

Btw. The more the beach smells like weed the more naked people you will see.

On the way back I went and got stuff for lunch and dinner. (1,20 + 1,60 + 3,50 for the whole day (I think))

I had lunch while watching youtube and was planning on walking another 39 minutes to the train station to make a reservation but it’s 3 hours later and I’m still at the hostel. But I showered!! Think I might book the train tomorrow and I also think I’ll take a train to sitges. It’s supposed to be pretty.

So apparently I don’t have enough storage space to upload any more pictures. But I think if I delete some they’re also gone from the blogpost!

Righty ho. Deleted a whole bunch of pictures, hope you won’t miss pictures of me cutting vegetables too much! Let’s continue.

Next day boys and girls. Last day in Barcelona to be exact. So I was up early obviously. Early means 5 and I kept falling asleep for a few minutes while watching some youtube video. At 7 I decided to get up, be productive, not to stay in the room with people snoring. Surprisingly many girls on there this night. So. I made a coffee and wanted to drink it on the rooftop. Opened at 10. So I took the elevator back down, burned my mouth and started the day a little grumpier than I would have liked.

Then I made my way down to the train station. I needed to make a reservation to go to Nimes tomorrow and I wanted to go to Sitges.

*sorry, was helping the cleaning lady clean the kitchen cause some assholes left all their shit in the sink and the water wouldn’t go*

So I went to the 📌 station, they told me the ticket office for tomorrow only opens in 34 minutes (at 10), it somehow always takes me way longer than 39 minutes to walk down there. Ah yes, I took a detour to buy breakfast at a gas station. A yoghurt (1,50€) and 2 apples (1€). I obviously brought my oats and my trusty tupperware.

Because I didn’t wanna wait that long and the office would be open until 8 I bought an adult return to sitges for 8,40€. On the internet it said one way was 7€, so good news for meee.

40 minutes and many tunnels and “omg the seas” and “oh so prettys” later I arrived in a cloudy, long pants and sweater weather 📌 Sitges.

I found a breakfast spot which must be up there with one of ma faves. I sat on the ground, on rocks, one meter away from the sea with waves crashing against the rocks. I had the perfect distance so I didn’t get wet.

Holy shit forgot to save this shit and have to start again. I was talking about dinner already!!!!

HERE: Walked around, sat on a wall, drew the skyline. Got hungry& had to pee. Discovered a graveyard, went into a restaurant, paid 1,50 for a tiny water, got to pee there. Went to 📌 Road café, had a toastie with ham and cheese cause my spanish knowledge let me down.

Took the train back to Barcelona at 2:30. Was dehydrated, hungry and tired. Had to wait for a looong time to buy by ticket. Was craving carrot cake, found a café 45 minutes from the station. Delusionally walked up the roads. Got to 📌 Mama’s Café. Made a 180° turn. Got ice cream at 📌 Dino’s again. I wanted after eight, pistachio and mango, the ice cream lady suggested cheesecake, pistachio and mango. I got cheesecake, pistachio and mango and a spoon of after eight.

Then I went to the 📌 hostel. Many german school classes being annoying as fuck. I packed my bag, I chilled, I snacked, I showered and then at 6 I made dinner. I bought zucchini and aubergine (and an apple) on my close to dying walk home (1,06€) which was accompanied by rice/ quinoa/ cereals and tomato sauce.

Chilled some more, was still hungry, went to 📌 Lidl, got 2 bread rolls and a yogurt for tomorrow and 0,83€, ate a bread roll and am now in bed.

And that my dear person, was Barcelona.

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