the tricycle


Welcome to Thursday. Welcome to the most expensive dinner. Let me elaborate.

I had school (surpriiiise) and actually took some pictures of the city before! AND I wore a dress! What. A. Day.

Today I also had lunch on the balcony. I mean have you seen the balcony how could I not?!
I had a very healthy veggie stir.

In the afternoon was an activity from school. We were gonna take a bus to 📌Ciudad de Las artes y ciencias. The bus was obviously late, so we didn’t make it on time to go in but it was still nice.

That was the day the tricycle happened. From that day on it was Xulia, Xuliette and I.

After the museum thing we went for dinner. We went really spanish and got tinto de Verano, tapas and paella! Tinto de Verano is red wine with citrus fruits and some stronger alcohol (and something else I forgot. You can google “tinto de verano”). For tapas we had olives, cheese and some shrimpy things. Our paella was with seafood. I told you my vegetarianism was not in it’s best form. I beheaded a few shrimps that still had eyes and I have to say that I didn’t hate the taste. Never gonna have it again but trying things while travelling is what I do.
I don’t remember what the restaurant was called but it was in El Carmen on a plaza 📌.

On Friday the school activity was karaoke (which I hate) and agua de Valencia aka free alcohol (which I like). So I drank some water (OJ, prosecco and vodka) and sang one song (back up vocals).

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