I wrote this in my notes while on the train. Get ready for some copy pasting.


My day obviously started with a cup of coffee and oats on my balcony. I also met my new neighbor. A pigeon, living on the street light. I didn’t take any other pictures that day and I would be crazy if I remembered what I did. So I’m gonna make something up.

Only had to be at school at 9:10 so I head out the door 30 minutes before and tried my best to remember every turn and street. In every new city I go to I realize how bad I am at orientation.

I was still in my total beginner class, talking about the alphabet and saying “me llamo Kati.” about 342 times in an hour and 40 minutes. During the break (10:50 – 11:20) I went to the office and asked if I could change classes. They asked why I told them I didn’t know spanish, and got to go to A1 class from then on. The first class was still quite easy (I’m a spanish genius in case you haven’t noticed) but waaaay better than the one before.

After school I walked home with my roommates and we cooked together again! All I remember is that it was delicious.

After that SIESTA aka me lying on the bed watching videos.

Gonna put Wednesday in here too cause things actually happened and I ain’t uploading with only 2 photos. This “blog” might be bad but not that bad.

So. Wednesday: I had school level A1 (bitcheeezz), walked home, cooked and chilled in the triste kitchen with my roomies. For dessert I had the actual best waffle on planet earth #fckliège. It’s from Russia. It’s delicious.

In the evening I walked back to school and went to a yoga class. I actually really enjoyed it!! Think I’ll go to one in Germany! At one point while I was doing the downwardfacing with my butt in the air the instructor put her hand on my back and the tension in my entire body was gone. It was a magical moment I hope to never forget. (Lol).

Afterwards I walked around El Carmen with one of the girls. Let me introduce her. Julia. Lives in Nijmegen (city I’m gonna study in).
We ended the relaxed evening with tinto de verano and a pintxos (what else).

That’s it for this post. 🙂

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