09/04 – 09/07

I basically slept the whole time on the first train to Teluda (at least I think that’s what the town was called). I had to wait 45 minutes for the next train to Bilbao which was the perfect amount of time to sit on the floor in the sun and enjoy a dry bread roll with jam.

The next train ride was 4 hours and I was listening to a podcasts. ALWAYS DOWNLOAD PODCAST EPISODES FOR LONG TRAVELS!!

Gotta say my first impression was not the best. After a 6 hour train ride I arrived in a cloudy city with not many people walking around. And one thing happened that always “ruins” it for me. I didnt feel save. Some places looked like the people were selling drugs and it’s a lot dirtier than the other cities I’ve been to. BUT I’m tired and judgemental rn, writing this from the bottom bunk. I just checked my notes and this is what I found “They do work with the letter X a lot up here.”

First thing I did after checking in was to go to the supermarket. I bought food for 12€ and it should more or less last me for the 3 days that I’m here. ALWAYS BOOK HOSTELS THAT HAVE A KITCHEN! It’s so much cheaper!! I stayed at Bcool and it’s a proper hostel and gives some camping/ backpacker vibes. The area it’s in is not the prettiest and apparently you shouldn’t walk around by yourself at night!

I went straight into the kitchen afterwards and started preparing my meal. Pasta. It was delicious!!

I will give the city another chance tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll do anything else today. I just ate my bag of pick n’ mix and I’m gonna watch some youtube now before probably falling asleep.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so I think I’m gonna check out the museums here.

  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Peach
  • Zucchini
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Corn crackers
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Yoghurt
  • Tomato sauce
  • Pasta
  • Instant coffee
  • Haribos

2am. I. CAN. NOT. STOP. COUGHING. My throat is so dry. I’ve drank like a litre of water and ate a corn cracker but nothing works. I wanna scratch my throat from the inside. I can also hear that I woke up one of my roommates who’s now moving a lot in the bunk above me. I’m sorry.

The end of the USA
All you rich fuckers see the beginning if the end and take what you can while you can. You imagine that you will get away, but you’ve shit in your own bed and you’re the one to sleep in it. Why should everyone else stay behind and smell your stinking cowardice? Here’s a message to you- space travel is uncertain and any refugee of yours can be blown off the map. There’s no other place for you to go. Know that your future is with us so don’t give us more reasons to hate you.

Yoo just slept until 8! I’m loving this. My mood is better already.

I had breakfast and went straight out to explore. I had a list of things on my phone, neighborhoods to see, museums to visit, places to take pictures of. The first official stop was the 📌 Guggenheim museum. It was well impressive but hella expensive! (9,50€ for students!!!) The problem was that I was getting quite hangry and I’m sure I would have enjoyed it more if I had had a snack.

Bodies lie in the bright grass and some are murdered and some are picnicking

But I walked around every floor and read every description of every piece of art. Wasn’t a fan of all of them but I did enjoy the wave paintings in the end (love the sea).

Fear is the most elegant weapon

I also walked to the train station to make a reservation for Bordeaux. I just found out now that all hostels are fully booked and the cheapest one costs 270€. Ya not doing that thank you. I’m going to Barcelona I think! Back to my initial plan 🥴.

After the museum I walked back to the hostel to make lunch! It was delicious. For tomorrow I think I’ll take a bus to the coast. I asked at the reception and they gave me times, places and a map.

In the afternoon I headed into town again to see a barrio I had written down in my notes called 📌 El Ensanche. There were all the cool shops and my way lead through the shopping street. Dangerous. But I didn’t buy anything. Only tried on a cool tshirt from the boys (actual boys not men) section.

Then I came across some bike marathon (is that what it’s called?) thing with a lot of people cheering, many police men (in uniform aka a red hat) on motorbikes and men on bikes. 📌 Xacobeo 2021

At Lidl I bought an aubergine, plums and bread rolls for tomorrow (2,50€ yoohoo) and went back to the hostel. Then I made dinner and now I’m in bed. Gonna watch some Netflix and then sleeeeep.

I spent 12€ for the entire day!

(Quotes by Jenny Holzer)

I would advice you all to do it exactly the way I did.
Here are the dets:
First of all I learned that they call Bilbao Bilbo which is the name I prefer and will be using from now on. So this is what you gonna wanna do! You wake up without an alarm (if you wake up relatively early like at 8). Let’s rephrase. You wake up at 8 and go to the kitchen to make some breakfast. If you drink coffee I would strongly advice you to drink a big cup, you will need energy. Afterwards you will start getting ready. Now at 8:30, I walked to the train station to make a reservation to Barcelona (that part is optional). From there I walked to the bus stop (a giant roundabout) called 📌 Moyua. You gonna wanna look for a green bus to Bakio that goes every hour at ×:40.

A 40 minute bus ride only costs 2,55€ (luv it) and you gonna wanna get off when the bus driver turns off the engine.

From there it’s about 3km up hill to get to 📌 Gaztelugatxe, its along the coast and on the other side of the path is a forest. Absolutely stunning. All I could hear were waves, birds and occasionally a church bell. You basically walk until you see people aka french tourists. Then there’s a ticket office (doesn’t cost anything tho) where they’ll tell you that next time you should book online in advance! I was there at like 11:30 which was the perfect time because if got more crowded every minute.

I walked downhill and then up the steps to the church and was speechless (not that I was talking much before, but if I had been, I would have been speechless). That was my favourite lunch spot this far FOR SURE.

After a reaaally long lunch I made my way back down the winding staircase, I was thinking about walking back down but I had a food baby and my muscles in my butt were sore l, so I asked the very nice woman at the information desk where the next bus stop is.

It was to the left, up the stairs, at the round about. It’s a sign with a bus on it. No timetable no nothing. There was another woman waiting so I asked her. She told be theres a taxi going to Bermeo every hour at ×:45. So we waited together. She was from Hong Kong, shes travelling through Spain for 11 days. She was cool.

With a 15 minute delay a car that said bus on it pulled up and people got off. We played 1,35€ to get a bumpy but scenic ride to 📌 Bermeo, which is where a train to Bilbao was leaving from (so I was told). I wanted to get the bus tho so I was asking a guy at a barber shop (en español) where the bus stop was. He told me, I sat and waited. Every hour at ×:50.

(Copy paste) Omg the sweetest people live here. I was waiting at the bus stop when suddenly this woman came up to me telling me that there is no bus going from this busstop today and that I had to walk to a different one. (In Spanish- I understood, and talked TALKED in spanish). So I went to the parque y rotonda y mucha gente. On the way I asked another 2 ladies dónde está el autobús a Bilbao and they too were the loveliest people on earth. How the first lady knew where I was going and that I was waiting at the wrong stop will forever be a mystery.

The bus ride back lead through a park, which was stunning and about 1 hour later I was back in 📌Bilbao, excuse me, Bilbo!!!!

At that point I was craving ice cream, so that’s what I got! I found an italian ice cream place (menu looked amazing as well (acai for the win!) called 📌 La dolce vita and got Pistacho y galleta. Fue muy rico.

Afterwards I went to 📌 El corte ingles to check out the 7 different floors. That’s where I bought the most expensive apple ever.

I had this idea in my head that I would go have breakfast (overnight oats) on the train tomorrow. All that was missing was a box. So I went to 📌 Decathlon and purchased one. It is currently 02:56am the next day and I’m already exited for breakfast.

Dinner was the same as the last days. Spent about 14€ the whole day, 7 of which was for transportation.

And that my friends was Bilbo. Next up: me in a mixed 10 person dorm in Barcelona.

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