first day of school

the view from my balcony at 7:47am

Valencia 05/08/19

Welcome to Valencia. For your own good and my sanity, I will not be uploading 30 posts and talk about every day, even tho each one would be epic. At the same time I don’t know what is going to happen so see you in either 4, 10 or 30 posts.

I woke up to the AC literally (not literally but everyone says it) creating a storm in my room. At 3am. So that was a fun first night, trying to hold onto my blanket with the wind blowing my hair into my face.

I had to be at school at 8:30 and because I didn’t know the way, how long it took and many more things I got up early. I was up anyway. That was also the day I discovered that from the balcony you could see the sunrise. I made some coffee and sat there watching the sunrise.

When it was time, me and my roommates (one German, one Russian) headed to school. Took us quite some time to get there. Don’t even know where we walked. Omg I can look it up tho! Wait!

At the school (we were 5 minutes late) I told them I was a total beginner because I thought I had forgotten every last bit of spanish.

Then me sat in a room, got some information about bike rental, the surrounding area, class times…… before getting a little city tour with the closest sights and a thing called mercat central aka the place where you would find me almost every day to buy 6 plums for 1€. I also bought the valenbici card so I could rent a bike. I did walk a lot tho cause music is life. 30€ for 1 year or 13€ per week. 7/10 recommend. You’ll see why I subducted 3 points.

Then it was time for my first class. I learned the alphabet which made me realise quite quickly that I should probably level up.

After school we walked home and made lunch, had a very needed and appreciated siesta and headed out to school again in the evening for a city tour and tapas.

I met many new people some of who I would get to know a lot better the next weeks. At the tapas place I had tapas (no way!!) and tried muscles (🍣 not πŸ’ͺ) and drank beer. I even met a girl from Nijmegen, the city I will do Erasmus in.

Then we walked home and slept. Until 3am πŸŒͺ.

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