about to rob the royal mint

Turin, 03/08/19

@ the fbi: I’m kidding. I would never. It just makes a good title, it’s related to madrid and I like la casa de papel ❤.

I woke up at 5 to the lovely sound of my alarm (not the rooster) with a little headache and if I could go back in time I would exchange that last glass of wine with water. I’d be a reverse god (you know, turning wine into water ha..haha…hm).

The morning was not the nicest cause Jezel didn’t feel well and (thank you emojis) 🤮. We took a taxi and 2 trains and arrived in Turin. They had to take a bus straight to the airport so I brought them to the bus stop and we said goodbye. I had some time left and wanted to go to a nice breakfast place. I started walking and decided half way to turn back around. I ended up having breakfast at a bar one minute from the bus stop. When I got hungry (only had a strawberry thing (ur welcome for that detailed description of my strawberry thing)) I went to a supermarket, got a yogurt and apple and had a typical poor person breakfast. I was sitting on the floor, backpack next to me, with a woman in high heels pittying me, talking to me in italian. Lol.

Madrid, 03/08/19

me in turin: 🥴🍎🍧 ; me on the plane: 🛫😴 me in madrid: 🥵.

So yeah it was slightly warmer. I got there midday and walked from the train station to my hostel.

This is a bit weird. It’s September 1st and I’m sitting in a hostel in Madrid waiting for my friend (you will meet her in the upcoming posts when I talk about the past 4 weeks and the following 2 days) to wake up. I just went outside to watch the sunrise. Yesterday was my first day of interrail (you’ll see)!!

So I landed in Madrid, took a train into the city and then walked the last 900m to my hostel. I really liked it and only partly for the fact that there was a sangria fountain in the middle of the room. It is called cats, it’s close to every shop (ever) surrounded by restaurants and very central. I met some of my roommates (Peru and Brasil).

It’s really cool to see that now after 4 weeks of being in Spain, I understand so many words and signs and people talking!! I’m going around like heck yes gimme that bocadillo (wow).

In the evening (Spanish evening aka way past my bedtime) I met up with the (THE) spanish guy. We had Tinto de verano and chopitos (my meat intake has quadrupled since staying in spain, f%$k), walked around and did some pull- ups (“plural”).

The next day I got the 3€ breakfast from the hostel (10/10 recommend) there was a buffet with bread and cereals and coffee and yoghurt and juice…..

Afterwards my roommate and I head out to explore the city. There was no one in the streets and it was very calm! We went to some shops and took some pictures before having to check out of the hostel.

During the night I remembered that I had to book the train to valencia which is something you usually do weeks in advance. I on the other hand was sitting on my hostel bed at 3am booking a train in the dark. Cost me 60€ as well!

I went to the station and it was like an airport. The train was crowded bit it only took 2 hours and I arrived in sunny but humid Valencia!!!

… and what happened from the 4th of August on you will see every morning after my breakfast (or train ride).

Here’s what I’ll do. For the next month I will upload one post about this time in August and also about each interrail city (doesn’t make sense does it?) But it gives me a reason to spend money on overpriced coffee in hipster cafes while writing. Not complaining tho. Probably should add advertisements to finance my new morning routine. How much do you get for +/- 5 views per post?

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