nature’s version of tv

For the next day I had planned to walk into the next town. It’s called San Marziano and was about 3km from where we were staying. The way (street without sidewalk) lead through wine yardsand it was absolutely stunning. It wasn’t too warm yet I I enjoyed the silence.

When i arrived I walked up to a castle, set on a wall behind the building. I had a pretty fantastic view of nothing in particular. You know when you’re watching something on TV and it’s boring but still too good to turn it off? That was like that but natures version.

When I was craving breakfast I walked around the corner and found a little bar. I sat in the sun and drank my espresso. I love the taste, the effect and the price. But I’m still not a fan of taking tiny sips and then be finished in no time. But I enjoyed not understanding what the group of men were talking about, or what the barista was telling the elderly man at the bar, or what the woman who came in after me ordered.

On my way back I walked past a tiny store that was selling eggs, homemade bread, meat and fruits and veg. It smelled amazing so I went in. I bought to “pesche” “due” and walked back.

When i checked my phone, I saw that the others had gone to their neighbor’s pool and that I could join them! So I walked a little quicker, exited about the cold water because it was starting to get warm. When I was closer I saw Matilde’s family setting up tents, tables and fairy lights for the party that evening.

At the pool I swam a few laps and enjoyed not sweating. At 12 the grandma brought out a giant plate of fruits which was the actual best thing I’ve ever seen. We listened to music, ate watermelon and plums from the area and it felt like holidays!!

In the afternoon we started packing, roaming around the house because our taxi would pick us up at 7:30 and there was a party to attend in the evening. Me Jezel and Eirik then drove into town again to pick up some bits from the grocery store and then decided to head into canelli one last time. We went to a bar, I got some delicious icecream we tried those minty cigarettes. Don’t know if I’m a fan they tasted like I was killing myself with toothpaste.

When we finished the icecream, coffee and cake we went into a shop that was selling suits and rather fancy clothes for men. Bear in mind that I was wearing gym shorts and my entire outfit was worth less than the cheapest price of clothing in there. Naturally I got some judgemental looks from well dressed italians.

Back at the house Matilde and I lyed on the sofa and watched grey’s anatomy for a bit. At 6 it was time to get ready and I had a minor fashion meltdown cause I didn’t know what to wear and was in a bad mood. I ended up in shorts and a tank top while everyone around me was dressed up in dresses and pretty shoes. Didn’t mind tho, my outfit meant I could dance, which after 1/3 of a bottle of white wine and a cocktail did happen.

I had a veggie burger and some chips.

After a while Jezel didn’t feel to well so I made it my mission to get food from the house. I got the keys from matilde’s parents and walked back to get crackers. I opened the gate, walked past several tortoise turned the key in the lock, and triggered the alarm. Let me tell you that triggering a crazy loud alarm at midnight while rather tipsy is no fun. So I ran back, frantically looking for a family member who would be able to help me. Luckily you couldn’t hear the alarm over the loud music. Matilde then explained what the button on the key chain was for. It was to turn of the alarm 🙂 So I ran back up, opened the gate. Pressed the button, opened the door, pressed the button again, ran back out to catch the dogs that had run into the garden, put them back inside, got crackers and went back. After that I was sober.

The music got better and I felt like dancing so I made friends with a group of Italians and danced to Italian music. I even knew some of the songs!!

At 1 I went to bed (I think). Samsung health is telling me I slept from 1 to 6.

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