the no name croissant

Valencia. Second to last day of school. I have been awake for 2 hours it’s 04:59am. My breath smells like garlic. This is my view:

2 nights ago at around the same time I booked a hostel in Madrid for 4 nights. My interrail begins Saturday, 6am.

The second to last day in Italy:

Its August first and this one was the most chilled day. We didn’t really so anything really which on one hand was a little sad cause we were in italy and there was so much to see but on the other hand it was quite nice but having to sit in a car and not having to walk around. Plus tomorrow there was going to be a party and I was to trigger the alarm at midnight so there was still a lot to come!

In the morning we headed to canelli, the closest “bigger” town, which is where we went to get breakfast.

@Bar Tavola Calda Da Lina. Matilde had been telling us about this thing called (*saves post, opens google, types in “croissant with cream italy”, opens post*). Google says cornetti a la crema but I am not convinced. But look it up. That’s what it is.

For the rest of the day we were mostly chilling, walking around wine fields and I even worked on some stuff for uni. The next day would turn out to be one of my favourite days tho!

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