Valencia, 08/26

It might be 06:58 in the morning. But I woke up to this view so I’m not even mad.

Alba & Asti, 07/31

On the last day of July we took the car again, to head to the town Matilde went to school in. She showed us her school which reminded me of a highschool (somehow) but with much nicer surroundings! We walked around town for a while, popped into some shops and churches and were melting just a little bit in the hot italian sun. On our way back to the car we picked up ice cream (for 30 flippin bucks) to take to Matilde`s aunts and cousins house.

Our way led through wineyards and nature and big houses with pools. When we arrived we couldn`t quite believe our eyes cause the house was stunning! They had a pizza oven on their balcony, hammocks in the backyard and trees with plums! The aunt made lunch for us with starters, mains and deserts (all plural)! Starters were pieces of baguette loaded with some meat and melon with bacon, which I did try cause if everyone around is “mmm-ing” and “omg this is so good-ing” then you wanna know what that’s all about. So I stole a lil from my friends plate and then went back to the fried aubergine that I did enjoy more. The main course was the pasta and pesto I ordered at the restaurante Pizzeria Vittoria the day before. It. Was. So. Good. The homemade one obviously tasted better! Let me look up the name!!


After lunch we had an espresso and the headed out to explore another town. Matilde’s cousin came with us and somehow knew everything from history to architecture to random facts. We sat in a car and he told us about different families that live up there, the wine, stories to the painting on church ceilings….

Next up was wine tasting. I bought some barolo and fig spread and the others paid for 4 different glasses of wine, differentiating in price per bottle. I got to have a sip of the cheapest and most expensive one and I can tell you now. Couldn’t taste a difference. But what do you expect, I usually drink wine that costs 2,19€. Add some zeros to this and you’ll get closer to the prize range from the shop.

In the evening we diyed our dinner which consisted of bread, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil. You basically take a piece of baguette, dump a piece of garlic into oil and start rubbing the outside of the bread with it. After it’s all covered you gonna wanna take a tomato (from the garden, like all other fruit and veg) and smush it over the garlic and oil. And then you take a giant bite, hoping you didn’t take too much garlic.

Afterwards we had icecream and then jezel got to celebrate her birthday one more time and they brought out another cake. So sweet.

I just looked up some name, cause this is a professional, influential travel blog and I came across this statement:

The joke amongst the locals about Piedmont cuisine is “you don’t eat anywhere better in the world, but you always eat the same thing.”

Never have I ever read anything more accurate.

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