Valencia, 08/26

I had the ingenious idea to open a window to stop sweating. It is now 06:02 am and I am writing this post for the second time because the first one somehow got deleted.

Noli, 07/30

This day was a very exciting day because we were headed to the coast to a little town called Noli. We set an alarm and prepared some previously bought food for lunch. The car loaded with towels, a cooler and the smell of sunscreen, we were heading south. We listened to music, enjoyed the view and got more exited the closer we got to the sea.

Because I’m like a little kid and get bored sitting around (which is weird because that’s what I do most of the time) I decided to start exploring Noli. I walked around tiny roads, up hills, into churches and climbed stairs.

I mean do you see the view? I found a bench in the shade and just sat and watched for a good while. No one else was there!! When I headed back down the others were having lunch and had bought a parasol. After successfully stuffing our bodies with bread, cheese and watermelon we decided to walk into town together to look into shops. And make Jezel and Eirik try the focaccia (*prays to god its the right spelling*).

Afterwards it was time to eat again which meant trying to find a restaurant that was a) not too expensive (didn’t work) and b) open before 8:30. We found a place right by the water with an incredible view of the sea. I had water and pasta with pesto. It was delicious and delicious (and delicious). My bank account was suffering which I think annoyed the others but like I’m not a billionaire?

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