the grape is my favourite fruit

It’s still August 26 I am still sweating and ate waaaay too much yesterday. I legit had about 3 bowls of chocolate cereal yesterday evening and have been feeling g sick ever since. It’s 04:28 now and imma tell you about the time I spent in Turin on July 2 (*checks calendar*) 8. July 28. Get ready for the longest post in the history of blogging. This is Italy:

Turin, 07/28

On July 28 I took a plane from Berlin SXF to Turin at 06:55am. I arrived in Turin, took a bus into the center to the train station and met with my friend! I wish I could tell you more about what we saw, where we went and what I can recommend but no hablo italiano y no remember. I have some tips tho:

  • put your bag into storage at the train station
  • always climb up towers and hills, I mean did you see my pictures
  • take naps in public places, it’s cheaper than coffee
  • get a coffee (never had a better espresso in my life)
  • always write down the places you visited so you can then recommend them to people
  • eat focaccia
  • go here: Gelato Cecchi -> garibaldi

After we explored tue City for a while we headed back into the Center to wait for our friends from Norway to arrive . Their flight from munich was well delayed so they didn’t have time to see the city which kind of sucked. We picked them up from the bus stop and took a train to Asti, where my friends dad picked us up! When it was dark we arrived at my friend’s house and I was well exited for the next day and to see the surrounding area in the day light!

San Marzano Olivieto, 07/29

This was the first day I spent at my friends house, surrounded by wine I woke up to the sound of the fan and an actual rooster. We had a very slow morning with breakfast on the terrace and iced (amazing, incredible, scrumptious) coffee. We ate peaches and plums from the garden and left our phone inside. The leftover we gave to the tortoise that were roaming around in the garden.

Midday. When we finished breakfast we got a tour of the wine cellar, got to see (and sit on) barrels filled with red wine, learned a lot about the process of making wine, which made me realize that buying a bottle of wine for 2€ probably isn’t the best idea.

In the afternoon we took the car down the winding roads in between wine, to a small town I obviously forgot the name of (it’s 05:23am and my left eye keeps closing). They had some very cute cafés that sold ice cream and coffee, shops, churches and patisseries. Also: a Lidl.

We went to a tower called torre dei contini. I decided to move in there cause it had 2 balconies and an incredible view.

Because it was my friend’s birthday that day, we got a customized cake for her and had a bbq in the evening. No other bbq will ever come close. I had cheese. So. Much. Cheese. Not complaining tho.

And there you have a pretty successful day 1 if you ask me. Next up: the beach!!!

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