luvin lyf


Can’t believe this is happening again. What a pathetic first sentence after what, like 3 months? Anyway, if you haven’t guessed by the first word, I am in Spain (obviously?). It is currently 03:17 am, I am sweating and laying awake on the sofa in the living room of my apartment, that I, since yesterday, share with 4 Asian ladies that do not speak english nor hablan español. Because I am a nice person and you probably (hopefully) have no idea what I am talking about, let’s start in Italy, more specifically Berlin, Germany (jeez, she a mess, bear with me (and remind me to go to pull& bear to buy pants)) (the double parenthesis have started and we’re one paragraph in).

Leipzig, 07/27

It’s July, I’m 20 years old and my bag is packed to the top with summery clothes (dresses I will actually never wear), powerbanks, a laptop to work on my essay for uni (lol) and a pair of pants that doesn’t fit.

I had booked a bus in the (*checks calendar*) morning at 11 to take me to Berlin. The plan was to lock my bag away at the train station for the day and pick it up in the evening, head to the airport, sleep on the floor until 7 to then take a plane to Turin, Italy. On the bus to Berlin my grandma personality took over and booked a hostel for the night (best decision ever cause I would have had to pay almost the same for a locker, just that this way I got a shower, a locker and some sleep for my money).

When I got off the bus in Berlin I saw rainbows. Not as in *wikipedias* meteorological phenomenons that are caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets, but by thousands and thousands of people celebrating gay pride in Berlin. I got a 24h metro ticket that I ended up using once and was then told at the hostel that I got the last bed in probably all of Berlin. Stayed at Industriepalast. 9.5/10.

I walked around for the whole day, took some pictures, bought a camera (I actually do not remember what I saw or did, I remember what I ate tho), and ate a falafel box. Oh and in the evening this guy came up to me and we grabbed a drink together (all I remember is that he kept one of his headphones in for the entire conversation?).

Berlin, 07/28

In the morning at 3 am my alarm went off, after about 3.5 hours of sleep. I grabbed my bag, put on my shoes and headed to the nearby metro station, walked the wrong way a few times, walked into a dozen drunk guys and ended up at a metro party, with some pretty good music.

The metro arrived on time and I was tired but exited. I put on some music, leaned against my bag and tried to blend out screaming British guys when suddenly the train came to a full stop in the middle of nowhere. “Aufgrund von Personen auf den Gleisen können wir die Fahrt nicht fortsetzen, und müssen sie beeten den Zug zu verlassen.”

So I got off and started translating the issue to non- germans. Apparently I was the only billingual person on the train which resulted in a group of non- germans that were also sober and heading to the airport gathering around me.

We were a group of 6. 2 Italians, 1 British, one from Slovenia (I think) and one guitar player from south America who was heading to Barcelona for a gig. We ended up sharing a cab that I ordered to the station, then couldn’t find which ended up in us walking around the station for ages and me calling the taxi company several times. We all made it to the airport in time and I for sure wasn’t tired anymore.

What is an acceptable amount of words for the first post in ages? Back when I was 20 (3 days ago) I would have said the sky is the limit, but I can legally drink in the US now, so I’ll say: here are pictures:

Hope you’re ready for a series I’d like to call: “Kati luvin lyf”, which is basically me showing off and telling you people (as if I could ever use plural right there) about how great my summer is. Next up: Turin, Italy.

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