regular day of procrastination

Good, now that I have updated you muchachos (I am skipping spanish class today- again) we can come to the important things in life. I’m in class. I should be studying, writing an essay and sort out things. But I keep procrastinating and getting drunk. This me rn:

I look like someone literally sucked all the life out of me, through my armpits, while I was sleeping

Oh now that we’re on the topic of sleeping, which I have been neglecting A LOT. But when I do, there are flies all over me, walking all over my bare legs, which legits wakes me up in the night. But you gotta be optimistic nowadays, they’re not mosquitos :).

Ah yes I had lunch from the cafeteria today. I took the food with me and sat in the park. What did I forget to bring? A fork. So the bread roll I luckily took had to replace her, which ended in me looking like a retarded seagull trying to eat couscous with a knife. Most stressful 20 minutes (it took 20 freakin’ minutes) of my day. After that I was gonna study. Didn’t happen tho cause I’m stupid and don’t understand things.

Just checked and saw that exactly one year ago I was in the hospital *french accent*. Nice. I’ve had surgery again since then. Didn’t improve anything, thanks for asking.

Oh do you people know that I cut me hair? If you didn’t. I cut my hair, well my friend cut my hair. In April. Chin- length.

Just went up to the board and drew a syllable structure tree. I was correct. I’m going by the name linguistic genius now. Thanks :).

Might go to the park to throw some shrimps on the barbie. And with shrimps I mean vegetables.

Didn’t happen. Was also gonna meet my friends at a pub. They were late and I was in a bad mood, so I got icecream and went back home.


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