Well, well, well. Guess who is alive and better than ever. I mean she’s been making her liver work a lot more and brain a lot less. Having fun, meeting friends and making memories has been a priority this semester. Whoops.

I had a presentation on phonetics in the Italian language yesterday and it actually went well. Then I went home, there was a giant thunderstorm, and I sat listened to my new favourite podcast gemischtes hack. Afterwards I met some friends at Kaufland (we got gin) and then made Dutch pancakes, drank and talked about languages for hours. #nerds.

This might just turn into the longest post ever. Oh here’s the reason why I’m back. I was gonna cancel my domain, but wasn’t sure if that would delete all my previously uploaded posts. So I decided not to delete this shit but to rather just use it again.

So April. The new semester started and I realised how interesting phonetics are. New favourite modul. I also somehow became friends with 2 dutch erasmus students which turned out to be the best coincident ever. You’ll see.

Ah also have a job at best western now and I’m living as if I’m rich, which is probably not the nest thing to happen to my bank account.

May. In the early morning of May 1 I find myself on a bus to Berlin with like 7 erasmus students. It was myfest in Berlin which ment a whole lot of music, cocktails, fun. I legit had the actual best time ever. In the evening we went back to Leipzig.

I’m just gonna drop a ton of pictures at the end cause I don’t remember too much of what else happened last month. All I know is that I had a grand time and met erasmus students almost every day. Whether it was at uni to get lunch, at a cafe to study, in the evening to have dinner and play werewolf, in the afternoon to play cards, in the morning to actually go to a lecture or at night to party and play flunky ball, in the park, at the beach, at the cafeteria or in someone’s grim student home kitchen.

June. On June first one girl from Belgium turned 22 which had o be celebrated. We met on campus and had a cool scavenger hunt planned which basically involved drinking, karaoke, and vandalism. We stayed on campus until it was the next morning, listening to music, playing flunky ball and drinking beer.

Here’s a life hack. Always party next to your uni. They have a library with bathrooms that is open 24h.

My dad came to visit on Monday and brought me new furniture, mio mate and we ate all the food. Never had that much halloumi in my life. In the late afternoon after having ice cream, we sat around my table, planning my summer. Say hello to plane tickets to Italy and Spain boys and girls. Wooohoooo

2 days ago we all met at a friends house to make swiss fondue. We had all the bread, cheese and white wine. It was delish. I brought my own healthy food because my calorie intake had been through the roof the days before (dont judge me). As I have mentioned I am a rich girl in a poor girls body now, so I went ahead and bought festival tickets. What else would I be doing? Shit. But I’m exiteeed. When I got home in the evening I was hella proud of myself for eating quite healthy, to celebrate that a ate a jar of peanut butter. I felt sick the next day, and couldn’t eat anything. To celebrate that I ate pancakes that were soaked in fat.

And now I’m in bed on a Thursday, 8:47 am and I feel really greasy and not very well.

Gonna get up and procrastinate going to the library to write several essays and start studying.

That’s all. Here are pictures.

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