what do you fancy love?

Vale, back to Berlin. The morning after all the wine we were originally gonna go have breakfast at 9am. Which meant that we had to get up by 8. As you can imagine that didn’t happen. Our group chat isn’t called “grandmas” for nothing. So we stayed in bed a “little” longer and got ready reaaally slow. But you could definitely tell that half of us were 20 years old and the other half not so much.

After a quick shower I was ready to head out while the others were in bed with a headache. So I headed out to buy some fruits and coke for them. They had left her pasta for breakfast. Which is actually the best cure for a hangover (it’s scientifically proven). I’m gonna check in my camera roll what else happened cause I don’t remember. One sec. (Got a sec? I’ve got lots of secs.) Looool.

Ah yes. We headed out for brunch then. We went to what do you fancy love. You couldn’t make reservations so we had to wait a bit but no points were deducted because if the name. I had half a bagel with avocado and a coffee. We had to save space for the dinner that we had in the evening.

We walked around the area a bit more afterwards and found cute little boutiques only Norwegians can afford stuff at but it was sure nice to have a lil looksy. After that we were tired and had to pee so we went back to the hotel for the grandma half day break. We peed and went to the bakery and chilled for a sec.

In the afternoon we went along the east side gallery which was luckily right next the hotel. We took pictures and more pictures and headed back to the hotel. I got cherry tomatoes as a snack, had another break. Then we got dressed up and headed back into town into the most fancy shmancy Italian restaurant in the city: Cecconis.

Located next to Soho house, where celebs eat their pizza and a bottle of still water costs 5€. My wallet started screaming the second I set foot into that place and only calmed down just now that I’m in the hospital and can’t spend any money. We made a reservation the day before and they said okay either 6:30 or 9:15. 6:30 it was cause we grannys (how many more times am I gonna say that). We had a table in the middle of the restaurant next to the cutlery drawer. But we a had a good view of the bar so I watched the pretty hot bartender shaking them cocktails.

To be completely honest and I hate to say this. I prefer dominos. Sorry.

I ordered a margarita pizza (the cheapest thing on the menu) and a mocktail which was expensive but called dino sooooo…

We had our table until 8:30 but at 8:04 the waiter came to our table and told us we had to get the check now. So that’s why mine say:

  • 7/10 for the food (good but not worth da money)
  • 3/10 friendliness
  • 8/10 location
  • 6/10 atmosphere (quite stressful)
  • = 24/40 whoopsy

We were back at the hotel at 8:30, changed into our PJs, got our snacks out and watched we’re the Millers.

It’s really hard to upload pictures cause the wifi is crappy and WordPress keeps deleting them. Might try it again when I’m home (we all know I won’t but it’s the thought that counts)

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