exited for summer

Last day of Berlin. We were gonna part ways at about 12 cause I booked my train to go home at 12:30 and the others had to take a train to the airport. We woke up ready for the day because of that very chill evening the day before. We packed our things and had reservations at the rose garden at 9:30. So we packed our things, got ready and checked out.

We were at the restaurant at 9:25 and waited for 5 minutes but they were just rudely starring at us, not opening the door. At 9:45 they opened the door but didn’t seem at all happy to have us. Also couldn’t find our reservation and told us we could sit at this one table for an hour. But I showed them the confirmation (which he was even less happy about) and “yelled” back at him in german. So we finally got the table we deserved.

The food was mediocre. I mean it was good but hella expensive and not worth the trouble and chaos. But I guess you paid for the interior and fresh flowers that came with it. We left early, went across the street which was another cafe didn’t order anything and just chilled until we had to leave. The 4 of us already made plans to meet in Italy in the summer which I’m rather exited for. Can’t wait to buy summer clothes and get a tan!

I took the train and was home at 3. My dad was gonna come to the train station to pick me up but he had a flat tire so there was chaos number 2 of the day.

When I finally got home I had cake that my sister baked. Cheese cake. V yum. Then I chilled in my room and didn’t have to wash the dishes.

On Monday me and my mom went to media markt and I got a new phone!!!! Samsung galaxy a7 here we go. It’s gigantic but I love it. And now it’s Wednesday, I had my ear chopped of and am now lying in bed swiping left and right.

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