fancy pants

Ready for day 2? We’re really just powering through by now, so you can finally start pittying me.

I woke up at 5 which was not fun, but gave me quite some time to scroll yelp, Instagram and Pinterest to plan the perfect day. I loved that morning cause we were in no rush and got ready together while listening to music. After checking menus and prices and busses we decided on a place. Kaffee Karamell. We take the required forms of transport just so they could tell us that they’re full. So yeah that was when we got hangry.

We went with our second favourite. The house of small wonder (I think. Those are the words I’m not sure on the order). We had to wait for another 20 minutes for a table. I got the cheapest thing possible. A black coffee and an avocado sandwich. It turned out to be the teeniest croissant loaded with avocado. Sure was overpriced but you pay for the experience (I guess).

At that point we were sure the Belgian guy wasn’t going to show up. He had been ignoring us since yesterday afternoon. So we went to a second shopping location. Kurfürstendamm. Say hello to pull& bear, Zara, & other stories and urban outfitters. So yeah even spent 20€ on a nice lil sweater. Then the italian (remember from the previous post?) landed at berlin schönefeld and made her way to meet us. We were only gonna meet for lunch and after she would take a bus to Leipzig.

We went to Bikini Berlin to get food. Think it was called like revolution or something. As we were queuing I felt a tap on my shoulder. A girl we study with. Of course we would randomly meet in Berlin at a tiny lunch spot?!

I got a coffee and a yogurt acai bowl. V delish. We chilled there for a while cause the weather wasn’t da bomb and we were quite tired. (Do I tell you that we were soooo close to getting tattoos?)

Oh yes we also went to a pub of some sort also at Rosenthaler Straße. It was really cool I just made a bad decision when ordering raspberry beer. I thought it was like an ale or somethi g but it was beer. And raspberry syrup. So that was bad.

The 4 of us got along very well so we were like: you knoooow we do have an empty bed in our room… So she decided to stay for the night.

One of her dad’s clients (clients? Like people who buy his wine) has a bar in Berlin so we booked a table there for the evening. For dinner I had all the leftovers from the day before. Was very delicious!!!

At 8:30 we had a reservation so we got ready (I wore flared velvet dark green pants for crying out loud. Never felt more fancy) and then decided to take a taxi (!!) to the bar.

We ordered an anti pasti platter with cheese and olives and meat and yum and got a glass of white wine at the door, before ordering 3 bottles more.

There were only 30+ y/o there but we had a grand time. I enjoy evenings like that so much more than party nights and getting shit faced! We easily would have had to pay over 100€ but because she is the daughter we got it for free!!! 🤪🤯

The p8ctures are in no particular order but I’m too lazy and it’s hard on the phone.

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