siesta, cerveza and arthur’s seat

Buenos Dias! Woke up at 5 which is my usual 6am so that was no surprise but I was so exited for the day that I didn’t care. I scrolled instagram, pinterest and yelp to find a) the perfect breakfast b) the perfect itinerary for the day and c) the perfect route. There are so many options to choose from. Every café is different but the same. So it came down to the most aesthetically pleasing instagram feed. Where do I end up? At the same place I got lunch at yesterday. So hula pt. 2. But let’s start from the beginning cause we wanna capture the day as boring and unspectacular as possible.

When I got up at like 7 I walked into the bathroom (female) and what do I see? A man. In a towel. Brushing his teeth. What? Have I mentioned that there are separate bathrooms for men and women? So yeah that was incredibly awkward. For me. He on the other hand didn’t seem to care.

When I got back to the room it was only me and the spanish girl and we ended up singing and dancing to spanish music. I also packed my stuff to see if it all fits which it kinda does but I still have all of today so no pre judging. Damn it.

At 8:30 I headed out cause I finally got hungry. Weird that I wasn’t hungry before considering I didn’t really have dinner. Anyway I now am sitting at hula as you know, just finished my açai bowl and latte and am now about to pay more for breakfast than for my plane ticket. But it was so worth it. 11/10 recommend.

I walked my route that I had planned only to find that it only took me about an hour so then it was like 10:30 and I didn’t know what to do for thw rest of the day. Around that time this happened: ❄🔥 which made this happen: *copy pastes from notes*

Omg what
Stap 😆😆😆😆

Like that but a couple lines longer and more cringe. Anyway. I later decided to say smth stupid as always and was left on read so, good times. But back to me not having plans: I decided to hike up to Arthurs seat. 251m above sea level. The weather was incredible, I had to take of my jacket cause I was sweating that much. I made it to the top. Was great. On the way down I fell on my left ass cheek. I broke my ass on arthur’s seat. I also went into topshop AND DIDN’T BUY ANYTHING!

Then it was 2 and I was hungry AF but every restaurant I had picked out (like pumpkin brown) was healthy, hella expensive and the portions are always tiny. So I went to an arabic restaurant called zaza (I think) and got an orange juice and the biggest veggie club and chips you have ever seen. I again paid 10£ but for that portion that is so good. I could only eat half which never happens. Don’t think I’ve ever been this full. I’m gonna stay in bed now.

Gonna make siesta now and then we’ll go to a pub to have a cerveza.

Siesta= done ; cerveza: drunk; evening: planned and second siesta: currently happening.

We drank beer in the sunshine and then walked around the city for a while. On our way back to the hostel we found a pub that shows la liga tonight so we’re gonna be going there. Barca vs Real. Gon be goood. Now I just ate (way too much) the rest of my sandwich and a granola bar and am gonna take a nap I think.

Oh also: I passed my second exam. Woohooo. Only spanish left now. Oh god.

Obviously didn’t go out again. I’m in bed. Buenas noches. It’s 10:03pm ala 3 hours and 3 minutes passed my bedtime. My alarm goes at 3 wish me luck.

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