sunrise and sunset

Today was probably one of the best days of 2019 so far. I got up at 3 after sleeping for about 3 hours. I got ready, packed the last bits and pieces, headed out the door and locked my flat twice cause I wouldn’t be back for a few weeks.

You know it’s early when a) you are taking the nightliner to the train station b) half of the people on the bus are still drunk and the other half is on their way to work and c) you are tired af. But that didn’t matter cause I was on my way to SCOTLAND!!! I am writing this laying on the top bunk in my hostel room after the most successful (money spending wise) day!

Who doesn’t love a different sound of bagpipes in every street, men in skirts and whiskie?

But more on that later. Bare with me this posts gon be looong. Btw the scottish accent is a whole new level of English. They don’t teach you this in school. Enunciate pls people I don’t speak that language.

Anyway everything went as smoothly as it could have and for the first time in my life the german train wasn’t late, there were no delays and I didn’t miss a single form of transportation.

I took the bus, then a train to Berlin, another train to the airport, a plane to Edinburgh and a tram into the city. Good day, good day.

Anyway so I’m at the airport. It’s 7:14 am. Boarding starts at 9:30 and because I’m travelling with hand luggage I’m through security in under a minute. That gave me 2 hours of sitting and waiting. At that point I got hungry and was very thankful for my genius oast self that brought food from home. I still spent 7,50€ on a water and a coffee!!! (The water was more expensive! !!!!!!) I also started reading hippie by paulo coelho. Good book, interesting, 8/10 recommend.

Got on the plane, read some more, slept a little and then I was in Edinburgh. I walked to the hostel while SWEATING in my sweater and jacket. It was a 15C, sunshine and blue sky kind of day. Checked in, and headed out again. I walked so much today I already know where everything is.

I got lunch (v expensive) at hula but you pay for aesthetics and ate that in the parking lot of the castle in the sunshine. Oh btw. I was wearing a tshirt!! Walked some more explored every little corner and took a gazillion pictures of every pub. I went in to superdrug and spent money, I went into urban outfitters and DIDN’T spend money and then sainsburys happened. I walked around the aisles for ages and bought all of my favorite uk foods.

Then I was the happiest gal in scotland, got an americano at costa and snacked on granola things in the sunshine.

Oh yes. I’m sharing a room with a girl from the canary islands, one from the Philippines and the other one just said ello so I’m guessing UK. Update: she’s actually from brazil and they’re all very very nice! We just sang despacito and I’m trying my absolut hardest to understand the spanish language.

After my second coffee I walked back to the hostel to put all the groceries away and to charge my phone which was on 4% battery. Didn’t have much time tho cause the sunset was at 5:40 and I wanted to go to that hill thing (idk names okay?) which was a 20 minute walk away. So I basically ran through tiny cobble stone streets, across bridges and up the steepest hills to get there and in time. And I am proud to tell y’all that I made it! Spanish people next to me and a sunset over tHe CaSTle On ThE HILL!!!!

What a fantastic end to this post. I now am in bed, exhausted but muy happy gonna shower and am exited for tomorrow!!

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