if you can eat until you sweat you can work out until you’re sick

Listen up dudes, I have found my new live motto and motivation to work out:

If you can eat until you sweat you can work out until you’re sick.

This is what I will live by (for at least 3 days) now to get me buttocks into el gimnasio. Here is what I have been up to this weekend and the story as to my motto.

I went to a regaetton (I looked up how it’s written, closed the tab and I think I still spelled it wrong) party (omg I saw most beautiful spanish person on the dance floor. He had a man bun and beard okay?!). I was in the best mood and the tequila is only partly the reason. I was home at 4am (I know!! Who am I???) even brushed my teeth and drank water. So flippin’ responsible. I think I sobered up a lot while sprinting to the bus at 3:30am. I don’t think I have ever ran that fast, especially after dancing for 3 hours. Jeez, so impressed with myself.

The next day I was back to my ”good” old self and didn’t get out of bed once. Well I got food obviously but my cupboard is like 4 feet away from my bed. Oh that’s a lie, I went grocery shopping. For breakfast I had instant chinese noodles, something my friend recommended as cure for a hangover. I watched youtube for hours, scrolled pinterest and instagram and drank tea (and ate chocolate). At 4 (that was the last time I checked my phone) I fell asleep and woke up at half 7, when it was dark out. So yes that happened. Can’t really consider that a power nap anymore, can I? I layed in bed some more until I got hungry. I remembered that I had bought chinese vegetable soup so I poured some hot water over powder, stirred and waited for 4 minutes. I tried some, it was disgusting, it had chicken in it. Then I slept until 11am the next day. So yeah I need about 30 hours of sleep to recover from a night out.

Today I stayed in bed until 11 yet again, had my beloved porridge for breakfast (with a twist tho!!) Here’s the twist: I made my own apple sauce. Here’s how:

  • cut 1/2 apple; put in pot
  • put water in pot
  • chop up ginger
  • add cinnamon
  • bring to boil, stir until it looks edible

Lunch was a bread roll I bought yesterday. Toasted it in my pizza oven (that’s legit the only thing that thing is capable of. Biggest toaster ever). One half with avo the other with spanish cheese. Oh yes also packed ma things for Scotland. At 3 I legit ate all the chocolate until I didn’t feel well and had the chocolate sweats. So, at 4 I walked down the street to the gym. When I left it was dark. 70 minute cardio and 50 minute weights. On my way home my legs were shaking and I was still sick from all the chocolate. Also deleted instagram off my phone whilst on the cross trainer cause I kept checking it. Now I’m bored but showered and ready for bed. Adios.

Countdown to Edinburgh: like 1 day 9 hours.

I think if the weather is nice tomorrow I’m gonna get on my bicicleta and get lunch at uni.

This happened:

Then that happened:


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