hello. i’m lazy so there won’t be much text. there won’t even be captial letters. here are 30 pictures I took since the post. i’ve had a fantastic time. now i must rest so that i’m healthy and happy next tuesday.

feb 18

  • picnic in the parc w/ lydia
  • spanish baguette (with spanish cheese)

feb 19

  • tulip love
  • apple cutter thing hate
  • getting out of bed only to get food
  • avocado sauce and pasta ❤
  • binge watched the umbrella academy

feb 20

  • one euro rote grütze from aldi is the best thing on planet earth
  • put on make up
  • going into town
  • spending money I don’t have
  • drinking well over prized coffee (so good tho)
  • bought a new coelho book ❤
  • cats are cute from a far
  • making dinner with my friends (pasta ofc)
  • drinking wine (good times)

feb 21

  • breakfast w/ anne (so yum) (saved 15 euros)
  • driving to ikea (only bought food and won a brush thing)
  • making food
  • finishing the umbrella academy

feb 22

  • not feeling da bestest
  • watching vlogs from summer 2016
  • feeling hungry and tired

aaaaand publish see ya when I’m in scotland, lads. Already ate the same sandwich I had on the 20th, drank a shit ton of tea and ate cheese.

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