summer holidays?

Good morning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it’s a beautiful day and I’m in a fantastic mood. I already had breakfast, sitting in the sun on my windowsill, started reading the alchemist (again), and enjoyed the student life.

I handed in my last paper of the semester last firday and this is the first of six weeks that I am completely free. This is what I’m thinking: for today I will get on my bike and go to the park, maybe drive up into town to get a coffee, even tho I’m trying really hard not to a) drink as much caffeine (more on that later) and b) spend as much money. The following weeks are gonna be quite expensive so I’m trying to save up this week while I don’t have to buy anything. All my friends are still asleep which is normal and fair, concidering it’s 10 am and we have holidays. I’m back in my 3 euro primark jogging bottoms, under a blanket my parents brought with them, tiping away in my bed. The next segment is about the weekend cause those days were da bomb.

On Thursday I worked on my paper and in the evening my friend came over. We watched Germany’s next Topmodel, judging the hell out of them, and narrated their incredibly stupid fights, all while eating chocolate and drinking beer.

Friday morning I woke up to a clear blue sky and was immediately launched into the bestest mood. The sun is doing a way better job at that than vitamin D pills. Who would have thought. I went to the gym in the morning, went grocery shopping (I bought tulips) took a shower, had breakfast and sat on my computer for a bit. I didn’t sleep too well because I was exited. In the afternoon I met some friends to go to a vintage market and at 5 my friend from home arrived to stay until Sunday. Because the weater was so incredibly nice, I headed out the door a bit earlier and walked to the market, and had lunch in the sun. I didn’t actually make it to the market because every hipster/ alternative person who lives in a 30km radius was queueing and I had to be back at my place to meet my friend. But it was still fun to queue with them and we were gonna meet later for dinner. We went to olive tree and I would 10/10 recommend. I had a veggie plate for like 5 bucks. The salad was good, the suaces were delish and halloumi and falafel were perfection. Afterwards we went back to my flat, ate pomelo and drank vodka. It was a good day!

The next morning the sun was out again and we had a really nice and slow start to the day. We weren’t to hungry so we got ready and headed out for coffee. We found a really cool little shop with a table outside right in the sun. It honestly felt like we were on holiday. Next up we took atram into the center and went shopping a little. I got the 3 euro pants I am obsessed with and will be wearing all day, every day. Then we got lunch, well brunch well food at 11:30. It was delicious. We went on going into a few more shops before heading towards the trainstation to buy some snacks and beers cause we were going to meet another friend in the park. We sat in the sunshine, drank beer and snacked on grapes. When it got to cold we went home but would meet later again for drinks. Back at my flat we changed into the newly purchased ”work out gear” to take a power nap while friends season 1 episode 1 was playing in the background. Then we got vietnamese take away which was delicious as always, got ready and went to a pub. They showed the barca game on a big screen, I had a beer and the only thing missing were people yelling in spanish, but I will have that soon (more on that later as well heheheh).

My friend had to leave right after breakfast, so we set an alarm at 8:30 and while she got ready I went to the bakery to get buns. We had coffee and breakfast, packed her things and said goodbye. I had soo much fun and we were so lucky with the weather.

She left at around 10 which gave me 2 hours to clean the flat because my parents would arrive at 12. I swept, vaccum cleaned and mopped, brought out the trash and cleaned the bathroom. I heard my parent talking on the street at exactly 12:00. They brought a giant boy with stuff. Amongst my soft blanket and fluffy pillows that I got for Christmas were cookbooks (hell yes) and a shit ton of chocolate which is going to be a problem because I have no self control and will eat it all within a few days. I already ate way too much chocolate yesterday night. I’m dumb. Then we went out for lunch to the restaurant we always go to. Instead of a burger I had an avocado and halloumi salad which was just the actual best thing in the entire world. Holy moly. Afterwards we went to rent bikes and drove along the water and through a park into town. There we headed to the mdr tower, cause tey have a roof top terrace. The view was really cool and it was so hot up there! I legit took off my jacket in February. Then we went to a Cafe and had coffee and cake. They make Lattes with plantbased milk everywhere now and they are so (so) good. Then we headed back home and planned and organised some things. Here are the results: my family is coming to visit again in June because we bought tickets for the volleyball championship that’s taking place in Leipzig and I will be spending a couple of weeks in Spain over the summer to visit my friend and go to a language school. My parents left at 6, I decided I’m not that hungry and only need a slice of bread and a tea for dinner, and went to bed. 20 minutes later I ate bread, 2 apples, carrots with hummus and sooo much chocolate. So yeah. Also watched a movie that kinda sucked. Haven’t watched a really good movie in such a long time.

And that was my weekend that felt like a summer vacation. Today I will meet my friends in the park to have a little picknick. I will take my bike there which exites me a lot. I’ve also started planning Edinburgh because I’m leaving next Tuesday. thursday

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