Good morning. I haven’t yet slept much today. It’s 7am. I habe been uo for a while scrolling instagram for cafés in Leipzig. I couldn’t fall asleep so I took a casual 12:30 am midnight shower, ate my lunch leftovers and drank tea. Idk why I can’t sleep. I also already forgot what I wanted to say.

11:34 pm. I’m in bed. The day dtarted at like 8, I had breakfast and went into town to buy a book cause these are my break resolutions: only drink one cup of coffee a day, read a book, spent less time on my phone. So far I have been failing miserably but in my defence I still have to work on a paper that’s due on Friday. So give me all the caffeine. Ah yes also ended up buying a vegan recipe book. Not that many words to read in there. Wanted to go to a cafe afterwards to work on my paper. Saod down in one ordered a coffee and a rice pudding paid 7 bucks and both wasn’t good walked home through the rain took a nap until the evening. So that part of my day sucked. Also ate way to much cause that seems to be my way of handling bad days which is bad. In the evening I wathed psg beat united 2:0 whoop whoop whilst working in my paper.

These were the 2 good minutes of the day: I passed my german exam!!!!! 1,7!!!! You may call me a genius.

Here are pictures.

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