we’ve come a long way since ‘no me mires la puta cara’

Hola que tal or what ever. Had my last exam today. My last ever spanish exam en mi vida. Fuck yes. Too lazy to brain dump cause estoy exhausted and just got back from the gimnasio. Gonna hago a salad ahora and then lay in my cama for the rest of the day. Buenas night. These son the pictures yo took since I had blueberry manzana oats:

Wait okay I just logged in on my computer for the first time in like 7 years and saw that I have 38 followers. Wut. Who are you? And most importantly why would you follow this?

Anyway now that I logged in for what ever reason the inevitably has happened. The ramble.

It all started 4 months ago with my first ever spnaish class. Well it started a year ago, when the spanish people entered my life but we don’t talk about that. So it started 4 months ago with my first ever spanish class: espanol en el mundo – or something like that. The first ever spanish sentence I learned, wasn’t from that class tho, it was from la casa de papel, money heist, Haus des Geldes, a series I have watched many times since then. Anyway the sentence was : no me mires la puta cara. And I think that’s beautiful.

I decided (just now) to put the pictures into context. Also I think the good weather makes me write. Like pretty much exactly this time last year this shit show started. We took a lil winter break, primarily so I would pass my exams, which by the feeling I have I might just. Also, I studied for one months straight all day, every day, for hours. Spent my live at the library and ate too much cake and hummus. We’ll get to that, I’m sorry.

So this is what the past 34 days (exactly, I counted them) have looked like: I get up, make coffee and porridge, I go to Uni and then the library or just the library. If I go to Uni I’ll go to the cafeteria for lunch and ea waaaaay too much. If I go the library I’ll bring a banana for lunch and eat way too little. Great balance. In the evening I’d go the gym which I have been neglecting big time for a week cause I was lazy and nervous. Now we’re back. Kind of.

These are the unusual things that happened in that time: the sun was out a fair amount of days and I had lunch (my banana (uuh nana)) outside sucking up all that vitamin D. Oh I have been taking pills as well which I can recommend. They probably did nothing but that way you think you’re motivated and in a good mood. Like, you know what I mean? No? K.

Went shopping a bit and ”treated myself to stay motivated” which became part of my daily routine which is, well, not good for my bank account. It either was in form of cake or other fancy food or interior things I don’t need (bought a shelf for my bathroom today?!!) It just fell down and crashed 2 minutes ago :).

I met my friends a couple of times. Last time was today cause she has a washing mashine so got to wash things and she made lunch for me!!! Do I have great friends or what?! Also met them last friday! I didn’t drink, had a great time, thinking about doing that more often. I only regret one thing. Eating all the hummus, cause now I can’t eat it anymore which sucks.

The next day I bought peanut butter cause I thought I was allergic, and wanted to see if that was true. Basically suicide, but nothing happened, so I tried some more. Long story short: I ate the entire jar, felt sick, am not allergic and alive. So @ f you pb&j I am truely sorry.

Good, now that we’ve got that borring stuff out of the way, and I truly hope you’re still with me, we get to the exiting stuff.

  1. I’m meeting my Bali friends in Berlin in 2 weeks, and I couldn’t be more exited. We booked a hotel, and now that exams are over I’m gonna start looking into restaurants and bars and things to do within 3 days to give them the best berlin experience. @ my 38 followers: Suggestions are more than welcome πŸ™‚
  2. Because I was procrastinating and the ads between insta stories is gonna be the death of me and as my friends message so fittingly called it: I have notripophobia (the fear of not having any trips planned). So yes. I booked flights to scotland, edinburgh. I’m going from the 26-28. On the 28. my friends arrive in Berlin.
  3. This weekend is going to be hella (ew) exiting. My friend from home is coming to stay from friday to sunday. I’m meeting my friends on friday to go to a giant fleamarket and on sunday my parens are coming.

That’s all ramble = over

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