This is a public service announcement to announce a very special comeback!!!

It’s been a year since I’ve gone to Brighton to basically have the best 3 months everrrr. So I asked myself, what do we all associate Brighton with the most. Exactly. Apple blue berry oats. So today. This morning. For breakfast. I made. Drumroll please. Apple blueberry oats!!!

They had a little glow up since February 2018. But as everyone says, a lot can change in a year. So I used oats (duh) cut an actual apple, bought fresh blueberries, spiced the whole thing up with cinnamon and heated it all up on the stove (well my hotplate). We have come a long since the just add water instant oats. I kinda miss them tho. Anyway now that I found the time to write (I’m at the gym, watching football and writing this at the same time. It’s now 3 birds one stone) I can update a little more.
I had my first EVER exam today and it actually went okay. I know what you’re all thinking. What? how? I thought you were dumb. Yes don’t worry I still am but I studied for 3 weeks straight. 8 hours all day at every day. Went to the library and from the library to the gym. My intelligence will be tested a hell of a lot more next Monday. Spanish exam. You may all start praying for me now. I can’t think anymore. Gonna watch Dortmund : Bremen now and will keep writing when I’m back home. Adios.

I’m back home. I showered. I’m in bed stalking a guy on instagram. Don’t have much to say other than I’m tired. Here are pictures. Good night.

Here is February 2018

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