rip porridge

Studied for an hour had Uni for 4 hours studied for 3 more hours and when i looked at the clock it was 6 and dark out. All I’ve veen doing is eat amd study I think. Don’t even know. The reason I habe time to write this is that someone is playing incredibly loud music. At 11:37pm on a Wednesday and I can’t sleep. This is not the first time. Don’t know what to do cause idk where it’s coming from. Might start crying. The music isn’t even good. Wonder what the neighbors are thinking. Anyway here are pictures from the past few days. They are of my very simple and unaesthetic food. You might think I’m posting a picture of the same food several times but I just always eat the same thing.

Breaking news: I’m not having oorridge in the morning anymore. I wish i could have it but I somehow don’t want to anymore you get me? Like the thought of having them makes me not want to have breakfast which is a thing I never thought I’d say. RIP porridge. 04. Feb 2018 – 07. Jan 2019.

This is a mess. Enjoy.

No more porridge….

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