gigantonormous ramble about things

Best thing I’ve done for 2019 was to delete samsung health off my phone. Sometimes I wonder how long I’ve slept or how many steps I’ve taken in a day but then I’m like am I tired? No? Kay I slept long enough, no need to know how many hours. Same with the steps. Did I get fresh air? Did I move my body? No? Should probably go outside and walk around for a bit (or go shopping).  But the main reason I deleted was because I got addicted to tracking how many calories I ate. I would weigh every single carrot and add it as snack to the app. Wtf. It’s a fucking carrot who cares. I would try not to get over this specific number of calories and if I did I would beat myself up over it. All I was thinking about was calories. (You can probably see that mindset in some of the Brighton posts). Now I eat when I’m hungry until I’m not. I do try to eat fairly healthy so lots of vegetables, fruits and water. Also am trying my best to do #veganuary which kind of forces me to be healthy cause I’m not buying vegan chocolate. Who am I Rockefeller??? So yeah watch ne snack on my carrot. Well you can’t cause this might just be the only post going up this month cause I am studying for exams. Last one is on the 11th of February :). Anyway. Took a lil break cause I was having a few breakdowns that involved me sitting on the edge of my bed scrolling pinterest, wishing it was a) summer b) I didn’t have to study c) I was on holiday and d) for summer again cause I really don’t like this grey weather. All while taking vitamin D pills thinking they would transform me into a motivated, happy and cheery little fella. Ya. Over the years my friend from Spain came to visit me which was GREAT. Had so much fun. I do prefer Spain tho for obvious reasons. (Points a- d I just listed) The day she left my sister came to visit for a few days and because there were a couple sundays and holidays we basically went from restaurant to restaurant eating the entire menu. Not complaining tho, I had a very much not vegan apple strudel with ice cream and whipped cream and vanilla sauce. So the #veganuary had to start on the 4th. And I will still eat the cream cheese that I have left in my fridge cause throwing it away is not an option.
As little sunday night entertainment I chode a movie called a plastic ocean which made me cry multiple times, forced me to watch animals being strangled to death by plastic bags, showed me the content of birds’ stomachs that have died painfully. The content were pieces of plastic. And lastly made me watch beautiful islands (and the people) basically living (and dying) on mountains of plastic. So yeah good times. Now I will go back to studying spanish cause I am so flipping bad untalented it really is surprising how stupid one can be. Ah yes one last thing (the only thing that keeps me going I guess) we are having a 4/6 people Bali reunion in Berlin at the end of February which I am incredibly exited about. Plus I already saw Amaia which means 5/6. Whoop. Oh also, going to the gym again, took a 2 week break (not planned) where I ate all the biscuits and cakes and didn’t move one bit but now I am back running as if i was being chased by a bunch of *insert scary animal*, and lifting weights like a 2 year old body builder. You’re welcome for the update, I’m sure you read this all the way through. One last thing (maybe) I went shopping in like a while foods thing and I’m sorry to day this but that might have been a once in a student life thing. That stuff is expensive. I paid like 8 bucks for an eggplant. Maybe I’ll find food not wrapped in plastic in normal grocery shops.

I do obviously have a lot more to say but I have neither time nor the nerves and most importantly I have to pee. byee see ya (maybe)

I mean you will definitely see me again cause a) I’m paying for this shit and b) there will eventually come a time when I’m not having exams, friends or anything else to do. So until then.

my beautiful little doggy

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