seeing my dogs (and parents)

It’s 5:02am. I have been laying awake for the past 38 minutes. I’m really hungry but also tired at the same time. My bus is not leaving for another 6 hours. I don’t know what to do. Do I eat now? 

Is 5:24 too early to have breakfast? No? Okay. I’m making porridge.

6:24 I haven’t moved. 

8am I am incredibly tired but I’ve packed, had breakfast and cleaned the flat a little. Now I have to sit and wait 2 more hours. Don’t really know what to do now. I’m watching a video about stuntwomen which is highly uninteresting. Gonna lay down again in my bed without sheets.

I went to the train station, bought a bun and a banana (hello breakfast for under 1€), got lost in the station (it’s bigger than my home town), finally made it out, went to the bus stop. 

The girl on the other side of the aisle was putting on fake lashes feom primark while ising her phone as mirror, outside was snow, christmas music was playing on the radio. I studied and (and ate my food within the first 30 minutes) 

My mom picked me up from the train station, I saw my dogs (❤❤) and had a giant portion of broccoli and pasta. So yum. 

Th rest of the day u spent holding on to the radiator cause I was so cold or eating. 

It now is 2:33am, but it’s fine, I’m supoosed to be awake cause at 3 we’re gonna head to the airport to pick up my sister!!!!! 

Ther won’t be ab adcent calendar until Monday cause I a) can’t edit videos and b) don’t have a calendar. 

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