for a second I forgot about the tattoo on my left arm and was so confused about the black mark

gym thoughts:

Why are the cross trainer things always occupied now? Stop going to the gym I hate the bike, hurts ma knees.
It’s 8:45 why aren’t you people at work?
Note to self : they show football at 8:45 on cnn.
Btw I’m on a cross trainer thing now and I am Sweating. Capital S.
Btw 2: when I left the house it was snowing (3 snowflakes).
Update in the 59th minute: I can’t feel one of my toes

New revelation in my study: have a normal breakfast, a cup of coffee and half a bottle of club mate. 

  • 60 minutes
  • 11.3 km
  • 650 kcal

After that I was dead.

After the gym I went to the drug store. Why (tf) is toilet paper so expensive?! They’re really making money of of the fact that it’s a necessity.

post breakfast: an orange you stole from the christmas party the day before.

At half 11 you start making lunch cause you’re starving and have Uni at 1. I don’t wanna gooooo. I mean I will but I don’t want to cause it’s spanish class and I don’t enjoy that one bit. And afterwards we’ve got the most boring lecture. And after that I have to pack my stuff and then sleep cause tomorrow morning I’m goin’ hooome. 

I just made the biggest portion of pasta ever. And I’m gonna eat it all. How does one know how much pasta to make?! Decided to keep the zucchini and mushrooms for my salad tonight. I don’t have bread and I don’t have cash so we’re having salad.

Uni was actually so good today. Spanish class was not much fun obviously but the lecture after that was da best. Phonology is so cool, I usually don’t write stuff down but today I took notes on my phone!! 

Went home, ate, watched a movie (halfway cause it kinda sucked), started packing, took a shower (a hair mask shower) and now I’m in bed waiting for valerian work its magic.

Remember when you didn’t need coffee to wake up and valerian to fall asleep? good night.

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