7) 49427 minutes

We sang out hearts out, screamed from the top of our lungs, cried, rapped, did the robot, partied, and listened to that one guilty pleasure song. And now spotify is back to remind us of all those times. Spotify wrapped is back: 

When I went through my 11 page slide, I found that my top 5 artists all spoke 5 different languages which was no surprise for me.

  • Irie Revoltes: french et un petit peu d’allemand
  • Mrm Team: –
  • the 1975: my all time fave; english 
  • Alvaro Soler: spanish
  • Fedez: italian

One surprising thing was the ”oldest song” that I apparently listened to but don’t remember at all. Weirrrd. 

Let me explain why Irie Revoltes is my favorite artist: I listen to their music, and their music only, when I’m at the gym. So a few times a week, for the past 7 months, I was listening to some guys yelling into my ear en francais. JE DOIS TOUT CASSEEER. Also, mrm team- delta waves is what I put on when I go to bed so I can sleep. So listened to that approx. 365 times this year. 


Apparently I listened to the genre ”new age” and the average listener is 41 year old.


Yooo 50,000 minutes!! Also the 1975 on second place!


I was so emo lol. But look the 1975 on third place!!! ❤

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