meeting santa

Okaaaay just had my second coffee, it’s 7:41 and now I can start editing. Don’t worry, I woke up at 5, but stayed in bed. The caffeine hasn’t kicked in enough to go to the gym yet, but we’re getting there. 

I have successfully procrastinated and now the ”caffeine kick” is fading and it’s not dark out anymore. I’ve decided to take a tram to the gym because the weather don’t look too good and I’m not getting sick again!

Anyway. Wish me luck.

Ah yes, still here. Yesterday at 11pm I cleaned my flat cause I wasn’t tired. Like CLEANED. I cleaned cupboard (singular), bathroom (with an old toothbrush!) and under my bed. Also, listen to this song, it’s german, it’s great. 

2 hours, 11 km, 75 lbs later and I am dead, gone, worm food. But here is what I found out (I should be a scientist): 

no food & 1 black coffee

3 km
20 minutes
180 kcal

giant breakfast & club mate

11 km
60 minutes
630 kcal

I’m back in bed, and because class is cancelled today I only have to be at Uni at 1. 

It’s 10:48 pm, I may have had a mulled wine or 2 and a I may have had a biscuit or 10. Here is what happened: 

I had Uni at 1 but I didn’t go because I had just made lunch and it was either skip lunch or skip class… so I stayed at home. 

I didn’t do anything all afternoon really and I remember laying in bed, taking my first nap in months. I woke up hella confused thinking it was 6am aka the time I usually wake up. But it was 6pm so I got ready for the Christmas party. Mulled wine for 50 cents and a giant buffet. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I met all my daf friends which was so fun!! Met a guy from mexico that I knew already. He told me to choose theology instead of hispanics for the next semester cause the final exam is multiple choice. Also met a guy from egypt (?!?) (love my course) who supports real madrid. #notimpressed 

I even won something. Not sure what it is tho. Also met santa aka my friend wearing a mask, sang to mariah carey and danced to wonderwall.  

I stayed until the very end which meant a) I had to help clean and b) I got to take food home and eat all the leftover cake. I don’t feel too well now but it was worth it. 

On my way home I bought another club mate so I’m able to go to the gym tomorrow. 

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