confused, bored and hungry

I’m so hungry, I’m not hungry anymore. It’s 8pm btw. I was planning on going to the movies with a friend to see call me by your name, but we had to postpone it because uni is a bitch. I have to write another essay until Sunday and I for sure ain’t doing that on the weekend cause I’m going home!!!!!

But tomorrow class is cancelled again, so in the morning I will go to the gym. I swear. I already bought the drink that makes you run (club mate). Then I need to print some more pages and then I have to go to the library, return a book, check out a new one, study, then go to class. In the evening there is a christmas party I’m going to and that will be Wednesday. #spoileralert

Today wasn’t interesting. I went to Uni, wrote stuff, was confused, was bored, was hungry. You’re welcome for the short text. I’m gonna make dinner now and probably watch some movie on netflix. Can someone call netflix and ask them (nicely) to add the grinch please? 

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