6) 1 DOUGH

Well, maaany mishaps happened in the process of making these biscuits and I was reminded that I should not be taking pictures of my food, multiple times. But I respectfully ignored that and took some nice close- ups. When it came to decorating, it all went further down hill and all the aesthetic we could have won back went out the window. So obviously I gave up halfway through and will be dipping half decorated biscuits into cola cao. So here you have the ugliest (BUT DELICIOUS) biscuits of the season. Bone apple tit.

What a way to intro a post. This dough is called 123 – german word  dough and here is why. You take 100g sugar, 200g butter and 300g flour, for example. Another example could be 300g sugar, 600g butter and 900g flour depending how many people you want to feed. That’s legit all you need. 

I then split the dough into 4 and added a lil flavor to each of them. 

  1. cinnamon
  2. almonds (split that one and added coffee to one half) 
  3. vanilla
  4. plain

Then you roll out the dough with a (mulled wine) bottle you emptied the previous day, get out the cookie cutters in different forms and sizes (shot glasses work well too). Before you put them in the oven, put them in the fridge for like half an hour.

I documented my thoughts the whole way through baking these ””””beauties”””” so have fun reading about despair, success (rarely) and a lot of confusion:

Don’t know what the cooling does, that’s what the Lady in the video told me to do and her biscuits turned out amazing. Maybe just watch the video instead of reading this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9INC1UjrQUI&t=595s But putting them in the fridge gives you time to clean up and dance around to a mash up of A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and Michael Buble.

The only problem I have with baking is surprisingly not the pizza oven. It’s having to clean the entire flat afterwards, because the kitchen is my bedroom. 

You know it’s been a successful day of baking when your floor is 60% sugar now. #beachfeeling 

Wanna know why this is a great recipe? The dough doesn’t contain eggs so you can snack the whole way through. 

omg I did not have much faith in the coffee biscuits cause I legit just put coffee into the dough but holy crap I’m a genius! Might just eat the dough.

Somebody get me oven mitts :((
the 3 ingredients
almond- coffee
1: cinnamon,
2:  almond- coffee
3: vanilla
4: plain

break where you wonder if you should have just went to the store to buy biscuits

make coffee- you not only need it for decoration, you need it to keep the will to keep going

cookie cutting
bake, bake, bake, bake
decoratin' (let the failure begin)

and then I gave up. But they do still taste great. 

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