cinnamon and persimmon

I have been up for over an hour. It is currently 6:06 am. I’m just so excited. My friend from Spain is visiting in less than 3 weeks and I finally came up with a Christmas present for my sister. Now I can’t go back to sleep. I also woke up because I’m really hungry!!! Don’t know why. You saw the fail that I called dinner yesterday, it was a lot!

So it’s 7 hours later I’m in bed again. But I was productive already at 9am so it’s acceptable. No gym tho. Maybe I’ll go later. MAYBE. Btw here’s another thing I learned: taking a shower on Monday morning is stupid because the entire building is in the shower at the some time (not in the same shower) and you don’t get hot water. Cold showers are no fun. I had a pretty epic breakfast cause I tried something new: persimmons.

Why do you people call it that way it’s so complicated who came up with that? In german it’s just kaki. But anyway they’re delicious, put them on my porridge with cinnamon. For lunch (11am) I had all the biscuits I baked and now I don’t feel so well. Gonna take a quick lil nap before buying presents. I swear to god, if I end up only buying stuff for myself again I’m giving up on christmas. People are getting vouchers then. 

I’m just gonna procrastinate instead of using my time wisely. I’m gonna make a chart.

Yet again another 7 hours later. I went into town with my friend and bight headphones – FOR ME, mulled wine – FOR ME and food – FOR ME. Just had a salad for dinner now with fried zucchini and mushrooms and carrot and lettuce. 2 words: homemade dressing. I mixed lemon juice, mustard and vegan yogurt. So delish. Then I had biskuits cause I can’t be too healthy. Now I’m gonna sleep bye.

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