A word used to describe people totally convinced or their superiority. They are generally best avoided in almost all circumstances.

Been to the gym, went grocery shopping, had breakfast, took a shower and threw a single person dance party and all before 11am. 

Gonna do some stuff for Uni now, then have lunch, then go out. Maybe I’ll go to the vegan Christmas market today. Who knows. Didn’t make it to the post office, oh well.

Oh btw I decided to give that whole vegan thing another go. Not for ever tho because 2 reasons: a) my family would hate me on christmas, b) I wanna try the magic unicorn on the christmas market that basically consists of everything dairy. BUT this week’s grocery shop is vegan and I only drink black coffee and tap water anyway so that makes it a lot easier. The chocolate part and christmas biscuits are what makes it hard. 

Editing this 22 hours later now cause I was drunk. So: 

I headed out the door to go find some christmas presents for my family or to at least get inspo for what to get them. 90 minutes later I wasn’t inspired, in a bad mood cause it was chucking it down with rain and I ended up buying only things for myself. I got vegan yogurt, mustard bc of the clear glas it comes in and a bamboo toothbrush. 

At 4 I went to go meet my friends at a vegan christmas market. It was as if the hipster/ alternative god had conjured every hipster in a 50 km radius and dumped them onto that market. Every stall sold either vegan food, tried to convince you to go vegan by showing gruesome videos of the murder of animals or sold handmade jewelry. Looked around for a while and then went to a vietnamese place and got vegetables and tofu in sweet and sour sauce and jasmine rice. Was delicious but the guys messed up my friend’s order and she had to shovel soup instead of enjoying fried glass noodles. Afterwards we went to another friends house to drink wine cause what else would we be doing. 

When I left I forgot my bag at her place, had to get it, missed the tram and had to wait for ages in the cold. 

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