eating the recommended amount of carrots

I’m confused cause it’s sunday which usually means a sundaze post but there’s a blogmas post going up in an hour and than there’s the usual unnecessary one so does that mean 3 posts in one day?! Maybe I’ll just postpone the blogmas one. That would at least give me on more post. K the actual blogmas post is going up on the 11th. Be exited it’s a good’on.

So let’s try to a) keep our headaches at bay b) walk a straight line to the bakery c) not get sick d) eat e) get stuff done for uni (I procrastinated for days and today the homework is due) f) clean the flat

a) through e) actually happened, f) not so much. And I don’t think it will any time soon. You can basically see what I did today in the hangover blogmas x sundaze post that’s gone up but I needed to make a seperate post for the advent calendar. Today there was a tiny kinder bueno in there, that has already been eaten. 

When I wasn’t eating I was studying and when I wasn’t studying I was in bed which is why there is a lack of beloved pictures. BUT I think I’m making a good old dinner tonight, I feel like I had pasta the past(a) week so I’m gonna cook up a storm tonight. Which I will regret cause washing dishes you know.

Oh my. Making plans over whatsapp is hell. But my friend from spain is coming to visit!!!!!!

Well I cooked. From now on we’re getting take out. Here’s what I learned: 

  • you can’t replace almond butter with soy yogurt and water
  • don’t mix the 4 spices with tomato sauce, it tastes weird
  • just use the stuff and amount it says in the recipe
  • don’t think you know how to cook couscous; google it

Was fine in the end but like yuk.

How many carrots can you eat in a day before it becomes unhealthy and you turn yellow? 

google says 3 is the average recommended intake. I had 3 #health


you’re welcome. 

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