5) hangover


I’ve got a headache, so this is the Sundaze with the hangover. Welcome and frohen 2. Advent. Pre breakfast means laying in bed for hours contemplating the choices you made 12 hours prior, and coming to the conclusion that those choices were dumb. After a bit of that and when you’re eyes can handle it you scroll instagram. In my case I scrolled a page called https://www.instagram.com/leipzigfoodguide/?hl=de 
which may have been stupid cause I found all the cute cafes and brunch spots and restaurants that I now wanna spend all my money at. But I got hungry and that is, like I have mentioned before, the only thing that gets me out of bed. I’m gonna stumble to my advent calender holding onto corners of my furniture now. 

After opening the calendar, you walk around the flat looking for change cause you’ve spent all your money yesterday. Pro tip: look in every pocket of every pair of pants. There might be 20 cents in there which is the equivalent to 1/3 of a bread roll. I found 1,52 euros so I’m gonna head out and see what I can get. 

I got 2 buns for 1,10!!

Then you make coffee. A lot. I drank about 0.6 liters and felt 24% better.

Today I’ve got a lil napkin folding diy for you cause we need t have some sort of christmassy thing. It’s blogmas for god’s sake. I’m showing the diy in gif form and you may figure out the single steps yourself. You can do it. I believe in you.



After finishing both buns, and now feeling 24% + 37% better, you finish watching the episode of friends you keep on procrastinating. In my case I found a notebook that I write lists in (yes). So I wrote down my 19 favorite things this year. Then when it’s a few hours later and you’re hungry again, you make porridge which is gonna make you feel 38% better and then you can be productive cause you’ve got 99% of feeling better. That one last percent is just never gonna happen really. And 3pm was that 99% feel good for me which is when I started working on an excerpt that’s due today. 

looks like I melted

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