I watched the movie battle on netflix yesterday and afterwards I was dancing around my room to unnskyld. Sorry @ downstairs neighbor. I mean: unnskyld @ nede nabo. Didn’t think I’d enjoy it that much cause within the first minute you know how it ends but it was fun. Plus I watched på norsk and some words are basically german. 

So newest edition to the languages I let google translate for me (badly) is norwegian I guess. Might be a once in a lifetime thing.

Went to the gym this morning for the first time in over 2 weeks. Whoopsie. Also drank an entire bottle of club mate prior to that work out cause I was so tired. Was able to run like usain after that. Worked on spanish homework just now. Es tan difícil.

Oh the spotify wrapped thing came out today. If you have spotify premium go check yours it’s so cool to see. My top 5 artists sing in 5 different languages. Now I must go to Uni even tho I’m really tempted not to go cause that spanish class gives me anxiety. 

Spanish class wasn’t half bad today. I talked about mi habitación and how I’d prefiero vivir con una familia porque ella puede cocinar para mi. That’s not actually true but I didn’t know words to describe the other options. 

Next up was the boring lecture.

Now I’m home and obviously snacked way too much. I’m gonna meet a friend at the christmas market later and we want to eat HANDBROT and then we either go to the theatre or to a pub. We’ll see.

So the christmas market was great. Met with 2 friends had mulled wine and HANDBROT. We’re panning on going back next week. Not for the wine or BROT or anything, we’re going for the guy selling it. Whoops. 

Afterwards we went to a pub with some other people. Sorry germans but you don’t even come close to pub times in Brighton. Had a mojito and left. The tram I was going to take was in some accident so it was cancelled. Had to walk for ages into the opposite direction, back to the pub and wait for a bus there. And I lost my headphones in the cab on Monday. Then I slept.

so much colder where I live
working hard or hardly working???

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