musculus adductor

This girl at the pub yesterday told me these 2 things: she had just watched germany’s next top model and she thinks I’m pretty. Yes this has to be the first sentence of the post.

think this one is my favorite one so far. Day 4 is a close second.

I was planning on going to the gym but the weather is miserable so I’m procrastinating. Also am on my 2nd coffee of the day and it’s not even 10. 

These are my plans for the day: 

  • go to the gym ✅
  • buy some presents ▶ (moved to Monday cause I’m going w/ friends and it’s raining today)
  • post office ❌ (too much rain)
  • come up with some stupid blogmas post ✅ gonna do that now.
  • uni ✅

I’m exited to see how many of those things I’ll end up doing. 

Not to bad, gotta say. I’m going to the post office tomorrow. And then 

  • 1 shop for presents
  • grocery shopping
  • gym
  • vegan christmas market


Actually went to the gym after only 2 coffees. So proud of myself. Now my inner thighs hurt. I checked and the inner thigh is called adductor and the reason for them hurting is the so called adductor machine.

lol thx cosmo for revealing the secret -.-

Okay all I remember is that I ate porridge for lunch and layed in bed ut until half 2. I then started excerpting. It’s 3.5 hours, 8 pages and several eaten biscuits later now and I’m in bed again but still not 100% with that stupid excerpt. Tomorrow I have to write it all on my laptop. It’s 6 and nothing else is going to happen today because I have a headache now and just wanna sleep. Woohooo friday night!!

No dinner I think, I’m too tired, lazy, sleepy, full from all the biscuits, grumpy, cranky, annoyed… the list goes on.

I’ve got an idea that is the most effort ever. I want to create a giant gallery wall. Like instagram-ish with all cool pictures. Why? I just looked through the iceland posts and those pictures are sick and I wanna have all of them in one space. Bear with me. Maybe you will never see it.

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