yes, I have been watching the great british bake off and know words like genoise sponge, proofing drawer and scrumptious now. Gotta love a bit of Mary Berry every now and then. Anywho, today we’re baking cupcakes in a pizza oven. Bear with me, we’re working with limited tools here.

That was a wild ride. I used the blender to beat eggs, the scale to measure 3/4 of an egg and my hotplates are currently laying on the floor. But the cupcakes are in the oven, and so far so good. 

They did not turn out as pictured in the recipe but they were delicious!

I just checked and they actually look like lil cupcakes. So proud. 

OMG it’s starting to smell like apple pie. This is gooood. I think my flat smells like winter threw up in it in the best way possible. I prefer winter vomit over alien. (Great, talk about vomit in a recipe post). I’ve got the mulled wine scented thing on my desk, the cupcakes in the oven, fairy lights are turned on, fluffy socks are being worn and spotify is playing.

dough 💸
out of the oven!

”beautiful deformed delights”


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