my sister is on fiji and the highlight of my day was a canceled class

We get to open 2 doors today cause laziness took over yesterday. So 4 and 5: 

Just gotta document this quickly. So I was getting all ready to head out, packing my bag, brushing my hair…. I was gonna take my bike and go to the cafe to study first and then go to class. Then I get a message that the first class is cancelled cause the teacher is sick and that we’re supposed to study the lesson at home. I’m like noooo! but open my books anyway cause I don’t have anything else to do. What do I see? Already read the texts and did all the tasks. I’m such a nerd wtf. How did that happen?! 

Took my bike to Uni cause I’m telling myself that I don’t have to go to the gym then. 

Home again. Still have my neighbor’s parcels but they never open the door! What am I supposed to do???

After spending 2 hours editing videos, turning them into gifs and looking up the meaning of the word fair instead of doing homework, I’m gonna make myself some pasta now.

Finally got rid of another parcel and got my asos in return. 2 down 2 to go! That guy is never home! I am typing this on my phone with my new gloves on btw they’re hightech!

Good night. 

no toaster- no problem

Don’t have nothing else to stay other than, this is what my sister is looking at:

and this is what I’m looking at: 

Seems fair. NOT.

Let’s have a closer look shall we?

If something is fair, it is reasonable and is what you expect or deserve

Cambridge Dictionary

it’s not reasonable, it is not what I expected cause I didn’t know she was there and lastly not in any way what I deserve.

There you have it. 0/3 for cambridge. 

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