yesterday was fun

today, not so much

At 8:30pm I took the bus to my friend’s house and I was the first one because I wasn’t planning on staying too long cause on Tuesdays Uni starts at 7. So I sit on one of the lawn chairs and more people are starting to gather around. I only knew a few but I’d say 80% was from Göttingen which was fun. After a while we decided to play a drinking game I will not even try to explain because the rules changed pretty much every 2.8 minutes. So that was when the Caipirinha happened, which was not planned. Anything that comes with lime is basically the best thing ever. After that the mulled wine happened which was even less planned cause warmer Alkohol ballert! 

Suddenly it was 12am (pm?). Well it was midnight all of the sudden and we were going to take the tram to a karaoke bar. But when it’s midnight and you’ve been doing the ”bottoms up” for a few hours bodies don’t move as quickly as in sober circumstances, so we missed the tram. 

Next thing I know, I’m on the seat of my friend’s bike while she’s pedaling standing up. But because of the bike going fast I kept sliding further back to the point of me sitting in her basket. Every bump in the road was the most painful pain I ever had to endure. But thanks for uber-ing me.

On Monday’s student’s don’t have to pay so Kakadu was the place to be. We shared a free water (with lemon slices and ice!!) and danced to some creepy guys trying to sing. Highlights were wonderwall, where everyone was basically holding each other screaming every word and take me home country roads. Fun, fun, fun.

At 2 we left, because we’re responsible adults that have a class at 7. So I looked up what bus I can take only to find out that the next one comes in 2 hours!!! Yeah that was just not working for me I would have rather pulled an all nighter or slept at the library than wait for 2 hours. Didn’t think of either of those two things at that time tho, so I called a cab. Only cost me 17,50 :)))))). fml. 

When I walked up the stairs there was this guy carrying his bike up to his flat at 2:30?!). We started talking and turned out the biggest one of the parcels in my flat is his. So 1 down, 3 to go!

The alarm I had set the day before cause I knew I would forget otherwise went off at 6. I had slept for 3 hours. 3. hours. So that was fun. I kept slamming the mute button with so much force I thought I broke it, but luckily it went off again 5 minutes later. and again. and again. That happened until about 6:35. I got up and basically staggered to the bathroom. How long does it take for the alcohol to be broken down? 

Oh. Just read that it takes 3 hours to break down a beer. Well had about 20 times as much. Does that mean I’m still drink now??????? wut 

Anyway. At 7 I took the tram. At 7:22 I sat in class. (8 minutes early!!!!!!!) 

The headache was not pleasant, the topic kinda was. In the next lecture I decided that I want to go to Greece. Thessaloniki here I come. Then we went to the cafeteria. Best day ever because they’re in the Christmas spirit now so we got a free fruit loaf (I’m 110%sure that’s the wrong therm) and a free apple. Oh and me lunch was amazeballs. Afterwards I saw that there were students in the hall giving out free coffee, so I went there. I had to listen to them talking about god for a solid minute before I got my coffee with oat milk. Worth it. The next lecture was interesting again. We were listening to people reading texts in romance languages and to different dialects. Is that even english? I’m pretty sure I’m better at explaining that in portuguese after today. 

The headache and fatigue were going strong but of course that wasn’t enough. From that point on everything would go wrong.

I have a homework due on Friday. Have I started? Nope. But I printed the pages today which is step one. Also wanted to print another document. Accidentally printed in color. Cost me 3 bucks.

I missed the tram home, would have had to wait there for ages so I walked up to the next stop. The tram that was supposed to come then was cancelled. So I ended up having to wait for ages, then switch trams and was home 45 minutes later. 

Found a note in my mailbox saying my asos delivery arrived. It’s at my neighbor’s. My neighbor wasn’t there. Also tried to play mailwoman and deliver the remaining 3 parcels I have at my flat. No one was home. 

Now it’s dark, I’m in bed and I’m gonna make porridge and a hot chocolate. Good night. I’ll open the calendar tomorrow I can’t rn. 

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