immune booster 3000

You may or may not have seen a lil thing I came up with at 6am this morning that I like to call ”advent calendar”. Maybe you’re familiar with the concept. It’s in the top bar of thy blog if you wanna go see.  Diary free had to go because it would have looked weird, it’s gonna make a comeback once Christmas is over. 

Anyway that was just some self promo, queue the free christmas tunes, here we go with day numero trois.

Yesterday I thought that I was gonna go to the gym, like now. But now that it actually is ”now” I kinda don’t want to. So I’m not gonna. Gonna take out the bike to go to Uni though cause my gloves arrive today and there is a veggie meal on today’s menu. 

I’ve been up for hours and all I’ve done so far is open the calendar. #prorities ugh.

Had breakfast, studied, had lunch, watched friends and now I’m back in bed. I have to stay up past my usual bedtime (8PM) today. 

Here’s a recipe for a concoction I like to call the ”immune booster 3000”. It contains hot water, big chunks of ginger, lemon juice and a shot of orange juice. 

My asos delivery was supposed to come between 11 and 3 it’s now 17 minutes to 3 and it still hasn’t arrived. Can’t wait here all day I’ve got stuff to do, places to see and things to buy. 

Well, didn’t get the delivery and tomorrow I’m not home all day so that’s fun. I did just buy a club mate for 1 cent thanks to (returnable?!) bottles and a birthday present for my friend. She likes cinnamon rolls, she’s getting a cinnamon roll. 

Ate all the foods just now. Bad. Night.

immune booster 3000

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