europe’s biggest fleamarket

So after opening the first “door” of my advent calendar I got out my stuff for uni and got cracking. I knew I wouldn’t have time during the rest of the day and there is soooo much to do so I analysed substantive compositions (big question mark ??? it’s 5:30am the next day, I’ve been awake for over an hour and am now typing this on the potato phone).

After that I was in a hurry to make breakfast cause I had to catch a tram at half 10 to meet my friends at a flea market. They say it’s the biggest one in Europe. Right in Leipzig. Love it here. I went there to look for a candle holder for my advent candle. After 2 hours I left with a night stand. But it’s really, really cool and cheap and vintage. I feel like a magician opening it.

Then I went home,  made lunch, made dough for buns and started decorating the biskuits that I baked on Friday. Well it did not go to plan and I’m gonna have to think about whether or not I will give it another try. The dough on the other hand turned out great.

In the evening my friends who I went to the flea market with came over to my flat. First we went grocery shopping cause it was Saturday evening and there was only dough in my fridge and then went back to the Christmas market around the corner. Again, didn’t buy anything whoop whoop.

At my flat we drank tea and hot chocolate while burning candles and listening to music as you do. V christmassy i luv it. Later 2 other friends joined (brought wine). Was so fun! The 1975 was playing in the background for 3 hours straight basically the perfect day. 

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