In case you’re my biggest fan, you know that I’ve been up since about 4am after sleeping for only 4 hours. It is now 6:34 and I’ve decided to get up in a few minutes because it has gotten to the point where there is no way that I’m gonna be able to go back to sleep. The biggest mistake was probably to look at my phone. The next mistake was to turn on my laptop and then to start editing a video. I sound like a fcking youtuber. Like and subscribe :)!

Today we’re baking again, I hope it goes well. After the baking (you’ll see, I hope. I mean you’ll definitely see, fails are what’s getting you the views… I mean reads) I’m gonna do some studying. Today: spanish. I’m literally having a nervous breakdown just thinking about wardrobes, mirrors and objetos indirectos now.  

Well would you look at that stayed in bed til 8:06 am. NOW I will get up. 

First things first: the advent calender:

I now just had breakfast (2 coffees) and now I will work on some stuff for Uni. It’s also half 10 already where has the time gone?! 

Holy (night) crap how good is Louis Armstrong. I never knew I could enjoy jazz that much. I am digging this. Got the sitting down dance moves going. Had biscuits for breakfast, I love December. 

Kay, called my grandma, studied, called my parents. Now it’s dark and I’m hungry. I’m really tempted to try that second batch of buns I made. With the seeds you know but 

you know, so now I’m thinking rice but that takes ages and I don’t wanna get hangry cause it’s hard for me to get rid of the angry even after eating. Ah sod it, I’m having bread. 

nice regards from me to all my fans

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