1) DIY

Hellooo. You know when it’s the festive season and you want your flat to look accordingly, so you check your balance on your bank account and well there’s not so much to see cause mulled wine and pasta are expensive. Here are 3 letters that will save your poor sorry ass. D  I  Y. 

  1. gather your friends who are just as christmas crazy and preferably in the same situation money wise. We met on a Saturday to diy some christmas wreaths. Here’s a tip: go to the hardware store, you can get cheap branches there. We got ours for like 2 bucks! So you gonna wanna buy some of those.
  2. Next stop is any shop that sells ornamnets and baubles made out of plastic for under 1 Euro. Usually, when you buy a wreath or anything christmassy really at a shop it costs a fortune cause no one’s got time to diy and shops take advantage of that. So wreaths cost like 10 bucks at least. All in all I think I spent about 5 on mine, plus I had loads of fun making it and I had wine and biskuits. 
  3. Another great place to find decorations is nature. Like I know you’d have to leave the house and actually walk and stuff but it’s free and a lot more beautiful than the fake stuff you get in stores (that I used on my thing cause I in fact did not leave the house).
  4. After a successful shopping spree, where you grab all the store catalogs for inspiration you only have one last stop before getting started. You gotta get some cheap mulled wine and Spekulatius (biscoff biskuits (?)). 
  5. After arriving at your friends house you go straight into the kitched to heat up the wine and to aethetically lay out the biskuits onto a plate. While the wine is heating up you lay out all your purchases onto the floor. When the wine is mulled you can begin.
  6. All 3 of us basically bought the same things but came up with 3 completely different decorations. 

1. advent wreath 

you need: 

  • fig branches
  • 4 candles
  • baubles, ornaments, decorations
  • a pretty plate
  • a whole lot of wire
  • time and patience (it’s worth it tho!!)
      2. door wreath

you need:

  • fig branches
  • wire
  • baubles
  • a coat hanger made out of wire
3. christmas garland

you need: 

  • fig branches
  • wire
  • string
  • decorations
  • tiny baubles

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